New Development in Fire Fog

New Development in Fire Fog

Through the results of several years of experiment and research, American Fire Apparatus Co., of Battle Creek. Michigan, has developed a fire fighting fog system called Barton Super-Fog. It is a small line system working at pressures from 250 to 800 pounds, giving fog streams that protect the hoseman, smother and blanket the fire and cut water damage to a minimum.

With ease of operation,the nozzle man can have a variety of streams, from straight streams to short range fog to long range fog.

Barton Super-Fog Gun

The Barton Super-Fog Gun is unique in that the fog is created within the gun. The gun is easily operated by one man for it has no “back lash.” The Barton Super-Fog Gun weighs seven pounds and is approximately 18” long.

Each new American Fire Apparatus fire truck is equipped with one or more Barton Super-Fog Guns.

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