New Disney Safety Film Available

New Disney Safety Film Available

Walt Disney Productions has released its new cartoon “I’m No Fool With Fire.” This highly entertaining 16mm sound cartoon in Technicolor has won the highest honors in the 1956 contest conducted by the National Committee on Films for Safety.

The film features Jiminy Cricket, one of Disney’s most popular personalities, as the master of ceremonies and teacher. In a running commentary, he tells the history of fire and how man made use of it in the strides toward civilization. He explains the chemistry of fire, the everyday dangers associated with it, and how to prevent fires in the home.

Mr. Disney produced the film for youngsters in the hope that it would help children to understand the dangers of fire and thereby save lives and property. Throughout the film excellent use is made of animation, color, humor and music.

Copies of the film are available on free loan from the Bureau of Communication Research, Inc., 13 East 37th St., New York 14, N. Y.

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