New England Association Letter Ballot

New England Association Letter Ballot

The official letter ballot for officers to be elected at the annual meeting of the New England Water Works Association, which takes place on January 11, 1922, at the Boston, Mass., City Club, is as follows:

For President, Frank A. Barbour, Boston, Mass.

For Vice-Presidents: (Vote for six) *Patrick Gear, Holyoke, Mass.; *George A. Carpenter, Pawtucket, R. I.; *Reeves J. Newsom. Lynn, Mass.; David A. Heffernan, Milton, Mass.; Frank E. Winsor, Providence, R. I.; Theodore L. Bristol, Ansonia, Conn.

For Secretary: ’Frank J. Gifford, Dedham. Mass.

For Treasurer: Frederic I. Winslow, Framingham, Mass.

For Editor: *Henry A. Symonds, Boston, Mass.

For Advertising Agent: *Henry A. Symonds, Boston.

For Additional Members of Executive Committee: (Vote for three) George H. Finneran, Boston. Mass.; Frank A. Marston, Boston, Mass.; Melville C. Whipple, Cambridge, Mass.

For Finance Committee: (Vote for three) *A. R. Hathaway, Springfield, Mass.; Edward D. Eldredge, Onset, Mass.; Stephen H. Taylor, New Bedford, Mass.

*Denotes present incumbent.

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