New England Chiefs Have Woman Member

New England Chiefs Have Woman Member

Miss Nell J. Anthony, of Washington, D. C., has the honor of being the first woman member of the New England Association of Fire Chiefs.

She attended the Great Lakes Convention of the International Association of Fire Chiefs on the steamer “Seeandbee” a year ago and made many friends among the New England chiefs. She is a sister of Mrs. Harry Belknap, wife of the New England correspondent of FIRF. ENGINEERING.

Miss Anthony was born in Douglas, Wyoming, and at present is with the Western Union Telegraph Company in Washington.

She is proud of her associate membership in the New England Chiefs’ organization and is already making plans to go with the crowd on the New England special to the International Convention in Knoxville, Tenn., next fall.

Last winter while on a visit to her sister in Boston, Miss Anthony attended a fourth fire alarm fire, two third alarms, and one second alarm blaze, and assisted in serving coffee to the firemen. Among her credentials is a fire line badge of the Brookline, Mass., Fire Department.

Miss Nell J. Anthony

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