Officers Make Plans for Coming Annual Convention—Invitations Extended to Chief Ralph J. Scott and Assistant Chief T. F. Dougherty

THE eighth annual convention of the New England Assocation of Fire Chiefs will be held in Rutland, Vt., on June 24, 25, 26, and 27. The exhibits will be in the armory and the meetings in Odd Fellows’ Hall which is close to the Armory. Concention headquarters will be in the Hotel Berwick where the registration will take place.

A meeting of the Board of Directors and State Vice-Presidents was held in the Parker House, Boston, on February 19. Those attending were:

Chief Lawrence E. Reif, New Haven, Conn., President.

Chief Selden R. Allen, Brookline, Mass., First Vice-President.

Chief John W. O’Hearn, Watertown, Mass., Secretary Treasurer

Chief Carl D. Stockwell, Burlington, Vt., State Vice-President.

Chief Alfred Koltonski, Rutland, Vt., Director.

Chief John S. Pachl, Annex Fire Department, New Haven, Conn., Director.

Chief H. Veit, Stamford, Conn., State Vice-President.

Chief James M. Casey, Cambridge, Mass., Director.

Chief Charles E. Fortin. Lewiston, Me., State Vice-President.

Chief John A. Savage, Valley Falls, R. I., State Vice-President.

George F. Cobb, Boston, Traffic Manager.

Harry Belknap, Boston, Press Representative.

P. Hildreth Parker, Belmont, Mass., Registrar.

Herbert K. Pratt, Bridgewater, Mass., Registrar.

George W. Austin, Boston, Registrar.

Commissioner Harry J. Harding and Chief Thomas J. AlcCarnck, of Revere, Afass.; and Chief Charles L. McCarthy, of Worcester, Mass., were guests at the meeting.

Plans were made for holding a four-day convention, to be held June 24, 25, 26 and 27. Chief Daniel B. Tierney, of Arlington, Mass., was appointed chairman of the committtee on exhibits.

It was voted to send invitations to attend the convention to Chief Ralph Scott, of Los Angeles, Cal., President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs; and to Assistant Chief Thomas F. Dougherty, of the New York Fire Department.

Chief Janies M. Casey, of Cambridge; Chief Selden R. Allen, of Brookline; Chief John W. O’Hearn, of Watertown; and George F. Cobb, of Boston, were appointed as a committee on topics.

Chief Reif showed some souvenirs of the steamship Muenchen fire in New York and told of visiting the burned vessel with members of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Fire Chiefs.

Secretary O’Hearn and Traffic Manager Cobb went to Rutland on February 25 and conferred with Alayor Arthur W. Perkins and Chief Koltonski regarding the convention plans.

George F. Cobb, 774 Albany Street, Boston, Mass., is in charge of hotel arrangements and reservations should be sent to him.

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