Definite Date Decided by Executive Committee— Papers on Sanitation and Water Purification at February Meeting—Attention Called to Legislation

THE definite date for holding the forty-third annual convention of the New England Water Works Association was decided by the executive committee at a meeting at 11 o’clock on Tuesday, February 12, just preceding the meeting of the association. It is to be held at Rochester, N. Y., on Sept. 23, 24, 25 and 26, and the headquarters will be established at the Powers Hotel in that city.

President David A. Heffernan presided at the meeting, which was held as usual following a luncheon at the Boston City Club at the corner of Somerset Street and Ashburton Place, Boston, Mass.

There was a good attendance at the meeting and two interesting papers were read. The first was by Charles P. Pool, sanitary engineer of the Division of Water Supplies, Foods, and Drugs, New Hampshire State Board of Health, and was entitled, “Random Notes on Sanitation in New Hampshire.”

The second paper was on “Further Studies of Water Purification by Filters Charged with Aluminum or Ferric Hydroxide,” by H. W. Clark, chief chemist of the Massachusetts Department of Health.

The papers were followed by a topical discussion of the subject “Why the Applicant Should Pay the Actual Cost of Service Installation from Street Main to Meter.”

The attendance at the water works luncheon and meeting was 136 persons. Three new members were elected as follows: Warren J. Scott, assistant engineer, Connecticut State Department of Health, Hartford, Conn., elected to regular membership; E. H. Magoon, reinstated as a regular member; and the Fairbanks-Morse Company, of Boston, elected as an associate member.

Attention Called to Certain Massachusetts Bills

The legislative committee called the attention of the Massachusetts members of the association to the following bills which arc before this year’s legislature up to the present time, and which are of significance to water works men:

House Bill No. 238—An Act reducing the time within which unpaid water rates and charges shall become liens on real estate and relative to the sending of notices to owners of record.

House Bill No. 29—An Act providing for certain uniform apparatus for fire departments. According to this bill “all fire hose connections and hydrant connections shall be of a standard size and threads, all valve stems on hydrants shall be uniform in operation and size, all hydrant wrenches shall he uniform.” The adoption of this bill would involve heavy expense to some water works This bill is now before the Committee on Cities.

House Bill No. 84—An Act to authorize the citizens of the Commonwealth to fish in the Sudbury Reservoir of the Metropolitan Water System. This is before the Committee on Metropolitan Affairs.

House Bill No. 175—An Act authorizing the Metropolitan District Commission to prevent defilement of the waters of Chestnut Hill and Spot Pond Reservoirs by gulls or terns. This bill is before the Committee on Metropolitan Affairs.

Discussion of Cost of Service Installation

There was great interest in the discussion on the subject of “Why the Applicant Should Pay the Actual Cost of Service Installation from Street Main to Meter.” Many members expressed their views on the matter and some important reasons were pointed out why the consumers should bear the expense. The discussion brought out the fact that now in most cases the water works pays the cost of installation from the main to the curb box. The speakers agreed that the consumers should be required to pay all expenses of installation from the main to the house.

I hose who took part in the debate on the subject were Theodore L. Bristol, Stephen L. Taylor, David A. Heffernan, Henry V. Macksey, Frank A. Gifford, George A. Carpenter, H. T. Gidlev, Joseph A. Hoy, Allston F. Hart, S. L. Agnew, W. L. Sullivan, F. F. Forbes, Hugh McLean, George A. King, and A. R. Hathaway.

The Papers Discussed

Many interesting points were emphasized by Mr. Pool in the course of his paper on sanitation in New Hampshire. Those who took part in the discussion at the close of the paper were Arthur L. Gammage, of Boston, and M. N. Baker.

The water purification paper by Mr. Clark was discussed by Prof. George C. Whipple, Robert Spurr Weston, Allen Hazen, and Arthur L. Gammage.

Those who were Present

Those who registered their attendance with Secretary Frank J. Gifford were:


Members A. R. G. Booth, dept. pub. health, Lowell; Arthur D. Weston, dept, pub. health, Newton; H. A. Hanscom, contractor, Boston; Lewis D. Thorpe, civil engineer, Boston; Ed D. Eldredge, supt. w. w., Onset; F. M. Strickland, dept. supt. pub. wks., Westfield; F. L. Cole, dept. sup. pub. wks., Andover; Fred L. Cushing, water registrar, Medford; M. J. Look, Hope, R. I.; H. L. Briggs, Providence, R. I.; Dwight Porter, Malden; George A. Sampson, cons, eng., Boston; B. R. Chapman, Everett; E. C. Hopkins, Worcester; George Bowers, Lowell; George H. Snell, Attleboro; C. E. Newhall, Worcester; Frank Emerson, supt., Peabody; George A. Carpenter, city engineer, Pawtucket, R. I.; Z. M. Jenks, Providence, R. I.; William H. O’Brien, foreman, Chicopee; John F. Sullivan, supt., Chicopee; C. W. Mills, supt., Woonsocket, R. I.; John Cullen, Woonsocket, R. I.; H. T. Gidley, supt., Fairhaven; H. W. Clark state dept, of health, Boston; A. H. Tillson, supt., Northampton; E. J. Titcomb, water com., Rochedale; J. M. Jones, supt. w. w., Bristol, R, I.; John J. Philbin, supt. w. w., Clinton; M. J. Kittredge, chairman bd. water com., and W. F. McNally, sec. bd. water com., Waterbury Conn Peter J. Cannon, Waterbury, Conn.; E. C. Brooks, Melrose; George H. Finncran, Boston; F. A. Mclnnes, Boston; Frederic I. Winslow div. eng., Framingham; Theodore L. Bristol, pres., Ansonia Water Co., Ansonia, Conn.; George W. Batchelder, water com., and Joseph A. Hoy, asst. gen. foreman, Worcester; Albert L. Sawyer, water registrar, and Marshall G. Richey, inspector, Haverhill; David A. Heffernan, supt. w. w Milton; John F. Lucey, supt. w. w., Somersworth, N. H., J. Frank Ellis supt. w. w., Rochester, N. H.; S. A. Agnew, supt. w. w., and D. L. Agnew, Hingham; Roger W. Esty, supt. w. w., Danvers; John P. Wentworth, Boston; H. F. P. Wilkins mgr. water co., and John P. Goodwin, water com., Marblehead; F. B. Northrop, supt. water co., Millbury Burt Vaughan, supt. water dept., Everett; J. M. McKernan, supt. w. w. Plainville, Conn.; Henry V. Macksey, supt. pub. wks., Framingham; H. J. Goodale, Middleboro; A. E. Blackmer, supt. w. w., Plymouth; H. R. Prescott, Worcester; M. S. Wellington, eng., Boston; H. E. Reed Bridgewater; George A. King, supt. w. w., Taunton; Arthur C. King, civil eng., Taunton; W. B. Wright, North Chelmsford; Leonard c. Percy R. Sanders, supt. w. w., Concord, N. H.; Harry Dotten, asst. supt. w. w., Winchester; W. G. Classon supt. w. w., Leominster; A. C. Dickerman, supt., East Providence, R, I.; Richard H. Ellis, chief eng., Essex Co.,.Lawrence; John C. Chase, Derry, N. H.; Harry E. Holmes, Malden; James L. Tighe, Holyoke; Prof. George C. Whipple, Cambridge; G. A. Benjamin, treas. water co., Castine, Me.; Z. M. Jenks, Providence, R. I.


E. M. Shedd, Boston, Thomson Meter Co.; C. N. Sylvester, Boston, White Co.; W. T. Page, Boston, George H. Sampson Co.; J. M. Donley, New York, N. Y.. Pittsburgh Des Moines Steel Co.; A. H. Lewis, Provi. dence, R. I., Builders’ Iron Foundry; Benjamin M. Simon, Worcester, N. E. rep., R. D. Wood & Co.; James F. McNulty, Boston, Chapman Valve Co.; Franklin M. Bates. Boston, Waldo Bros. & Bond Co.; F. C. Steere, Providence, R. I., Builders’ Iron Foundry; J. G. Lufkin, Boston, National Meter Co.; Gordon B. Budd, Boston, Resisto Pipe & Valve Co.; Charles F. Glavin, Boston, Donaldson Iron Co.; V. E. Arnold, New York, N. Y., dist. mgr., Pittsburgh Meter Co.; R. j. Thomas, Lowell, Gamon Meter Co.; J. H. Smith, Boston, Hersey Mfg. Co.; George A. Caldwell, Boston, George A. Caldwell Co.; Samuel Harrison. Boston, Worthington Pump & Machinery Corp.; Charles L. Brown, Northampton, Rensselaer Valve Co.; John S. Warde, New York, N. Y., Rensselaer Valve Co.; H. A. Hoffer, Philadelphia, Pa., U. S. Cast Iron Pipe & Fdry. Co.; A. R. Taylor, Boston, Ludlow Valve Co.; John J. Regan. Jr., New York, N. Y., Neptune Meter Co.; R. E. Ferguson, Boston, Hersey Mfg. Co.; H. C. Needham, Somerville, Pittsburgh Meter Co.; Vernon F. West, Portland, Me., George F. West & Co.; E. P. Howard, Boston, Worthington Pump & Mach. Corp.; A. A. Gathemann, Boston, A. M. Byers Co.; D. K. Otis, Worcester, Union Water Meter Co.; G. C. Northrop, Malden, Union Water Meter Co.; E. D. Case, New York, N. Y., Pitometer Co.; Lawrence C. Hough, Boston, Pitometer Co.; P. E. Kelly, Philadelphia, Pa., Leadite Co.; George McKay, Jr., Philadelphia, Pa., Leadite Co.; A. B. Coulters, Providence, R. I., Builders’ Iron Fdry.; John D. Dwyer, Medford, Lead Lined Iron Pipe Co.; Thomas E. Dwyer, Wakefield, Lead Lined Iron Pipe Co.

President David A. Heffernan, New England Water Works Association

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