New England Water Works Association Convention

New England Water Works Association Convention

Annual Gathering to Be Held in Holyoke, Mass.—An Unusually Attractive Program Arranged—Important Papers to Be Read—Large Number of Exhibits

THERE can be no doubt that James W. Lyon, of Salem, Mass., when he suggested in the year of 1881 to a few of the New England water works men the plan of forming an association devoted to their interests, was building very much more wisely than he knew. The proof of this fact can be found by attendance at the thirty-ninth annual convention of the New England Water Works Association, which is to convene in Holyoke, Mass., next week.

The proposition which Mr. Lyon made at that early day was quickly accepted, and early in 1882 Frank E. Hall, Horace G. Holder, R. C. P. Coggeshall and H. W. Lawrence met in Lowell and decided to proceed with the organization. On June 21 a meeting was held in Young’s Hotel, Boston, at which by-laws and a constitution was adopted and the New England Water Works Association came into existence. Since that time the association has gradually worked its way up, each year showing material progress in membership and in the class of papers prepared for reading and discussion at the annual conventions and winter monthly meetings in Boston. As showing the regular increase in the roll of members, it may be stated that there were 27 present at the first meeting in 1882, while this figure rose to 153 in 1886; 414 in 1893, and in 1919 the total membership of 882 is recorded, divided as follows: Honorary members 15, active members 797 and associate members 72. Doubtless this will be greatly increased at the Holyoke meeting.

Thus it will be seen that steady progress has been made from year to year in the association until it has reached an important position among the engineering societies of the country. This success may he attributed to many causes, one of which is that its officers always work as a unit, and thus accomplish important results. Many of the active members, too, are enthusiastic in pushing its interests, especially in the matter of procuring papers of such diversified subjects that not only arc the actives kept interested, hut the associates—manufacturers—also show a keen interest in the affairs of the association.

Henry V. Macksey, PresidentFrank J. Gifford, SecretaryLewis H. Bancroft, Treasurer

The eighth annual meeting, held at Fall River, Mass., in 1889 was one of the most important of the early conventions of the association. One of the features was a paper by Prof. W. T. Sedgwick, which showed that at that early date there was much interest in the matter of water purification. The title of his paper was “Recent Progress in the Biological Analysis of Water.” In this year Messrs. Coggeshall, Darling, Hall, Batchelder and others were the moving spirits in the organization, and it was by their good work that such real progress was shown later on. Down to 1893, when the meeting was held in Worcester, the membership had increased from 275 to 414, which was then considered a remarkably fair showing.

At that time the late Dexter Brackett and Walter H. Richards accepted the senior and junior editorships of the association, and George A. Stacy was placed on the executive committee. The influence of these gentlemen soon became apparent, and when the next convention was held it was seen that a new impetus had been infused into the management. The association has been very conservative as to the places selected for holding its annual convention. While the New England territory has been quite closely adhered to as to cities for these annual gatherings the association has in several instances gone outside, as notably the convention held in 1905 and also that in 1909 in New York City, and the very successful convention of last year held in Albany, N. Y. This year the association has again harked back to New England and, as already announced, the meeting will take place in the stirring little city of Holyoke, Mass.

The list of past presidents, secretaries and treasurers of the New England Water Works Association contains a notable number of names of men prominent in the water works field of the country. The following are the names:

Past Presidents

*James W. Lyon, 1882-83 Frank E. Hall, 1883-84

*George A. Ellis, 1884-85 Robert C. P. Coggeshall, 1885-86

*Henry W. Rogers, 1886-87

*Edwin Darling, 1887-88

*Hiram Ncvons, 1888-89

*Dexter Brackett, 1889-90

*Albert F. Noyes, 1890-91

*Horace G. Holden, 1891-92

*George F. Chacc, 1892-93

*George E. Batchelder, 1893-94 George A. Stacy, 1894-95 Desmond Fitzgerald, 1895-96

*John C, Haskell, 1896-97 Willard Kent, 1897-98 Fayette F. Forbes, 1898-99 Byron I. Cook, 1899-1900 Samuel E. Frank H. Crandall, 1901 Frank E. Merrill, 1902

*Charles K. Walker, 1903 Edwin C. Brooks, 1904 George Bowers, 1905 William T. Sedgwick, 1906 John C. Whitney, 1907 Alfred K. Martin, 1908 Robert J. Thomas, 1909 George A. King, 1910 Allen Hazen, 1911 George W. Batchelder, 1912 I. Waldo Smith, 1913 Frank A. Mclnnes, 1914 Leonard Metcalf, 1915 William F. Sullivan, 1916 Caleb M. Saville, 1917 Carleton E. Davis. 1918 Killiam, 1919

Past Secretaries

R. C. P. Coggeshall, 1882-84

R. C. P. Coggeshall, 1887-95

*Albert S. Glover, 1884-87

John C. Whitney, 1895-99

Willard Kent, 1899-1919

Past Treasurers

*Edwin Darling 1882-87

*Albert S. Glover, 1887-89


*Hiram Ncvons, 1889-94

*George E. Batchelder, 1894-99

The present officers of the association are:


Henry W. Mackscy, Supt. of Public Works, Framingham, Mass.


Charles W. Sherman, of Metcalf & Eddy, Consulting Engr., Boston, Mass.

Frank A. Barbour, Consulting Hydraulic & Sanitary Engineer, Boston. Mass.

Percy R. Sanders, Supt., Water Works, Concord. N. H.

Beckman C. Little, Supt.. Water Works, Rochester, N. Y.

James H. Mendell, Supt.. Water Works, Manchester, N. H.

William W. Brush. Dep. Ch. Engr., Bureau of Water Supply, New York. N. Y.

Additional Members of Executive Committee

A. R. Hathaway, Water Registrar, Springfield, Mass.

Patrick Gear, Supt , Water Works, Holyoke, Mass.

David A. HetTernan, Supt., Water Works. Milton. Mass.


Frank J. Gifford. Supt.. Water W’orks, Dedham. Mass.

Editor and Advertising Agent

Henry A. Sytnomls, Civil Engineer, Boston Mass.


Lewis M. Bancroft, Supt., Water Works, Reading, Mass.

Finance Committee

George A. Carpenter, City Engineer, Pawtucket, R. I.

Frank A. Marston, Designing Engineer, of Metcalf & Eddy, Consulting Engineers, Boston, Mass.

George H. Finneran, Supt., Water Service, Boston, Mass.

New England Water Works Association Convention

New England Water Works Association Convention

The meetings, exhibits and registration office for the coming thirty-sixth annual convention of the New England Water Works Association, to be held in Hartford, Conn., from Tuesday, September 11, to Friday, September 14, inclusive, will be in Unity Hall, in the central portion of the city and near the principal hotels. The Tuesday evening session will be held in the ballroom of the Allyn House. After an illustrated paper descriptive of the work being done on the extension and improvement of the Hartford water works by Mr. C. M. Saville, an informal reception will be held with dancing and other entertainment, The last day will be devoted to an automobile excursion to the sources of supply of the Hartford Water Works. In addition there will be a theatre party on Wednesday for the ladies and a card party and tea at the Hartford Club and an automobile trip around the city and through its park system. The list of papers assured includes papers on timely topics such as the protection of water supplies in times of war, and the water supply and sanitation of camps. There will be discussions of some of the every day problems of water works superintendents.