New England Waterworks Association Convention Program.

New England Waterworks Association Convention Program.

The program for the 28th annual convention of the New England Waterworks association convention, September 8 to 10, inclusive, is as follows;

Tuesday, September 7.—Reception in hotel parlors.

Wednesday, September 8th.—Morning, 9:30.

Address of welcome.

Business meeting.

Paper: “The New York Water Supply,” by William W. Brush, engineer of distribution, New York City.

Paper: “Odors and Tastes in the Water Supply of Holyoke,” by Janies L. Tighe, city engineer, Holyoke, Mass.

Report of Committee, “To prepare a Standard Specification for Fire Hydrants.”—H. O. Lacount, George A. Stacy, Frank A. Mclnnis, Frederick W. Gow, William Frv Sullivan, committee.

Afternoon and Evening.—Trip to Coney Island.

Thursday, September 9th.—Morning, 9:30.

Report of the Committee, “To look after and keep track of Legislation and other matters pertaining to the Conservation, Development, and Utilization of the Natural Resources of the Country.”—M. N. Baker, William T. Sedgwick, Leonard Metcalf, Allen Hazen, George A. Soper, committee.

Paper: “The Poughkeepsie Waterworks,” by Dr. John C. Otis, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.

Paper: “Waterworks Accounting,” by Harvey S. Chase, Boston, Mass. …

Afternoon.—Visit to the Pennsylvania Railroad terminal and trip throught the tunnels of the Manhattan & Hudson Railway company from 28th street to Hoboken, Jersey City, Courtland street, New York, and return.

Evening.—Report of Committee, “To collect data relating to awards that have been made for damages resulting from the diversion of water; also to consider the practicability of joint action with the National Cotton Manufacturers’ association, or other organization of mill owners, leading to the formulation of standard rules and methods of computing or assessing damages for the diversion of water.” —Charles T. Main, Leonard Metcalf, Richard A. Hale, Charles E. Chandler, William Wheeler, committee.

Report of Committee, “To compile information relating to awards that have been made in Waterworks Valuation Cases.”—Francis W. Dean, John C. Chase, committee.

Paper: “Disinfection as an adjunct to Water Purification,” by H. W. Clark, chemist, Massachusetts State Board of Health, Boston, and Stephen De M. Gage, Biologist, Massachusetts State Board of Health, Boston, Mass.

Paper: “Camaguey (Cuba) Waterworks,” by Henry A. Young, city engineer, Yonkers, N. Y.

Friday, September 10th.—There will be a trip to the Ashokan reservoir of the Catskili water supply system which is now under construction by the City of New York.

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