New Extinguishing Agent Patented—Uses Castor Oil

New Extinguishing Agent Patented—Uses Castor Oil

Patents have been issued covering a new fire extinguishing fluid, in which castor oil is a major constituent, to control metal fires, has been disclosed by the United States Patent Office.

The new fire fighting agent, it is reported, is designed for use primarily in factories and machine shops in the automobile, aircraft and armaments industries where magnesium and aluminum are used extensively and where special hazards are created by shavings, cuttings, chips and powder grains from these and other combustible metals which catch fire easily and burn violently.

The patents were issued to Michael O. Ferris of Eagle Rock and Richard B. Gottschalk of Burbank, Calif., and assigned to the Lockheed Aircraft Company.

The new extinguishing agent is in the form of a fluid composition which, the inventors say, may be employed effectively under substantially all conditions to extinguish metal fires. Sprayed from the tank of a fire extinguishing apparatus, this fluid, comprising a mixture of castor oil and dispersed carbon dioxide gas in sufficient quantity to form a fluent foam, is said to have been successfully employed to penetrate quantities of burning metal cuttings, smother the flames and cool the remaining metal and the products of combustion.

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