At a called meeting of the Montgomery Fire Department, held on the IIth inst., the following report ot the Committee on Fire Alarm was submitted and unanimously adopted:

To the Officers and Members Montgomery Fire Department:

GENTLEMEN—The undersigned, members of the committee authorized at a previous meeting of the Board of Representatives to negotiate for a Fire Alarm Telegraph for the furtherance of the usefulness of the Fire Department of this city, respectfully report:

We contracted with the Union Fire Alarm Telegraph Company of New York for ten boxes, three Engine-house gongs, bell-striker and all things else appertaining to a complete fire system. We further report that the apparatus works to our entire satisfaction and comes fully up to the standard of its representations. We heartily recommend its acceptance by the Board of Representatives of the Fire Department. T. J. WILLIAMS, L. YOUNG, C. KREUTNER. Jr., B. JONES, Committee.

The following resolution, at the same meeting, was unanimously adopted:

Resolved, That the thanks of this Department are due and hereby tendered Mr. C. H. Rond, Superintendent of the Union Fire Alarm Telegraph Company of New York, for the interest he has taken in our Department, by personal supervision of the erection of our present fire alarm system, as well as for the courteous manner with which he discharged this intricate and self-imposed task; we recommend his company to F’ire Departments the world over.

On motion, the preceding report and vote of thanks were ordered published in the Montgomery Daily Advertiser and FIREMAN’S JOURNAL of New York.

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