New Fire Alarm Equipment for Sao Paulo

New Fire Alarm Equipment for Sao Paulo

The city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, has recently placed an order with The Gamewell Company, Newton Upper Falls. Massachusetts, for a large extension to the municipal fire alarm system. The new equipment will consist of three-fold fire alarm boxes, type U-1000 pedestals, time stamps, recording devices, and three complete Fire Department sub-station equipments.

The present fire alarm and police signaling systems are of Gamewell manufacture and were originally installed in 1910, under the supervision of Charles Berst, now District Sales Manager for Gamewell in the Southern States, with headquarters in Atlanta, Ga. All of the equipment installed in 1910 is still in service. The boxes are of the successive type, with lettering in Portuguese, as shown in the accompanying illustration.

The central fire alarm station is of the manually supervised and operated type, equipped with sixteen box circuits, four primary alarm circuits, and four secondary alarm circuits. The circuits, in addition to being of the closed metallic type, under constant test for continuity, are also tested automatically at twenty-minute intervals for grounds.

Fire Alarm Box

The Gamewell Company is represented in Sao Paulo by Mario Barros do Amaral, through whom the negotiations leading to the recent sale were successfully conducted.

Inside View of the Fire Alarm Headquarters

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