New Fire Alarm Headquarters for Boston

New Fire Alarm Headquarters for Boston

Proposed New Fire Alarm Headquarters for BostonMain Floor Plan of Proposed Boston Fire Alarm Headquarters.

The erection of a new fire alarm telegraph headquarters buildings in the Fenway at a cost of $500,000 is proposed by Fire Commissioner Theodore A. Glynn, of Boston, Mass., and a bill has been filed in the Legislature asking for authority from the state to locate the structure in the parkway.

Plans have been prepared by James T. Ball, engineering architect of the Boston fire department, which show a handsome one-story building of stone construction. The proposed headquarters will be about 115 ft. long and 75 ft. deep with the operating room occupying the major portion of the space. These are shown herewith. There will be offices for the superintendent of fire alarms, George L, Fickett, and his assistant, generator and cable rooms, and dormitory and mess room for the 20 wire operators who will do duty in shifts.

The present fire alarm office located in the headquarters building on Bristol Street is considered out of date and in a bad position because of the inflammable nature of build ings across the street which provide a serious conflagration and exposure hazard.

New Fire Alarm Headquarters for Boston

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Limestone, marble, and cream white terra cotta have been suggested as suitable materials for building the structure which will be fitted with marble tiled corridors.

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