New Fire Commissioner Appointed at Chicago

New Fire Commissioner Appointed at Chicago

Joseph F. Connery has been appointed by Mayor Dever of Chicago as fire commissioner of that city to succeed John F. Cullerton. The consideration of Mr. Connery’s name by the Mayor was not known until the day it was announced, June 3. The nomination of Mr. Connery will be sent to the state council for its action June 11, when the fire department re-organization ordinances are to become effective. Mr. Connery was formerly county recorder of Cook County, and is a well known citizen of Chicago. He is a trustee of the cemetery association and in this capacity has been working with several” prominent citizens of the city, including Chauncey Keep, Cyrus Bentley, Edward A. Hamill, Charles L. Hutchinson, Charles H. Wacker, Henry A. Blair, William R. Manierre, Potter Palmer and Martin A. Ryerson. All of these gentlemen, according to Mayor Dever, have testified to Mr. Connery’s qualifications for the commissionership, and Abel Davis, vice-president of the Chicago Title and Trust Company, also recommended him as “a most able administrator.”

In speaking of his appointment of Mr. Connery, Mayor Dever said:

“I told Mr. Connery that the new ordinances made him supreme in the fire department and that I would guarantee that a rigid ‘hands off’ policy would be maintained. I told him that I expected to have no friends and no enemies and no politics as fire commissioner and that his sole job was to rebuild the fire department morale and efficiency. His answer that he would take the position if he was allowed a free hand augurs well for the future of the department. I give him but one other bit of advice—that bids for supplies and equipment for the department should be opened to the widest possible competition.”

New Obenchain-Boyer triple combination car, mounted on a Dodge chassis, recently delivered to the fire department of Mooresville, Ind. The car has passed a test and has been placed in service.

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