New Fire Extinguisher

New Fire Extinguisher

Details of New Fire Extinguisher

A new fire extinguisher of the syringe type has recently been invented, in which a stream or jet of liquid is ejected from a reservoir by pump mechanism within the reservoir. The invention provides means at all times to connect the piston chamber with the liquid in the lowermost part of the reservoir, to discharge the liquid whether the reservoir is full or partially empty, or whether it is held in a horizontal position or inclined upward or downward.

Illustrations show the following: Fig. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view taken on the line 1—1 of Fig. 2 with certain portions exaggerated to more clearly bring out the invention. Fig. 2 fs a cross sectional view taken on the line B—B of Fig. 1.

In this invention there is provided a reservoir or tank for a fire extinguishing liquid in which the pumping mechanism is located. The pumping mechanism is mounted in the portion 4 of the reservoir. The piston chamber comprising a cylinder 8 to which heads 9 and 9 are connected, having inlets 10 and 11 with check valves 12 and 13 opening into and closing outward from the piston chamber to connect the piston chamber with the liquid carrying portion of the reservoir. The valved inlets 10 and 11 to the piston chamber are located in extensions 33 ami 34 of the respective heads of the piston chamber and to maintain the pumping mechanism outside the circumference of the liquid carrying chamber. The piston chamber is so mounted that these extensions will lie near the side wall and ends of the reservoir, as shown in Fig. 2. To connect the pumping mechanism with the liquid in the lowermost part of the reservoir with the discharge end of the syringe tilted upward or downward from the horizontal valve mechanism is provided to automatically shut off the inlet to tube 39 which is uppermost from tube 37 and connect the lowermost inlet to tube 39, the valve mechanism comprising a pair of valves 44 to co-operate with valve seats connected to or formed in the ends of tube 39, so that when one of the valves is seated the other will be unseated.

The fire extinguisher is the invention of George T. Pearsons, New York City, and the application for the patent was filed on Jan. 6, 1919, the serial number being 270,096. The patent was granted on May 20, 1924 and the number is 1,494,441.

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