New Fire Station for Alpena

New Fire Station for Alpena

The fire station shown herewith is so located that it has easy access to several areas of the City of Galena, Mich., to provide quicker and better fire protection. The dormitory, locker rooms, and toilets are so located to provide the maximum amount of privacy.

The outside walls are of 12-inch concrete, and interior partitions are of 8-inch light-weight, or Waylite blocks. Floors are of poured concrete, covered with asphalt tile in the lounge, toilet, alarm room, dormitory, and kitchen. Roof construction is of Soffit tile, with two and one-half inches of reinforced concrete covered with 1-inch rigid installation and 4-ply built up roofing. Aluminum double hung windows provide light for both wings. The apparatus room is higher than the balance of the quarters and has glass block panels which provide sufficient light for the apparatus room. This additional height also provides adequate ventilation.

Heating is provided in the apparatus room by a radiant heating system, and other rooms are equipped with baseboard radiation. Circul-Air hose driers are in use in this modern structure.

This building was designed by the Scott Engineering Company, of Alpena, and was constructed by the City employes at an approximate cost of $35,000.

Modern fire station recently built at Alpena, Mich.

This building is compact in size. It has ample room for a pumper and a ladder truck. It has dining and kitchen facilities, a workshop, a six-bed dormitory, lounge, alarm room, toilet room, and separate boiler room. Franklin C. McKim is Chief of the Alpena Fire Department.

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