New Fire Training Film

New Fire Training Film

A new motion picture film dealing with hose evolutions and hose line equipment has been recently announced. It is the current project of the Ohio Fire Chief’s Association and the sponsor, the Wooster Brass Company, manufacturers of hose brass goods.

“From the beginning,” reports Bill Ferrie, President of the Ohio Fire Chief’s Association, “members of our Association and representatives of the Wooster Brass Company felt that a film of the training type would serve as a valuable aid to instructors and fire departments all over the country.”

John C. Schellin, President of the Wooster Brass Company, in discussing the project with the Ohio Fire Chief’s Association, said, “Our company, in undertaking the sponsorship of this film, realizes that few, if any, training films are available to the profession. We hope that this film, made in cooperation with your Association, will become a useful tool for all firemen.”

The picture is designed to show new recruits most of the more prevalent methods and pieces of equipment being used by firemen today.

Scenes have been photographed in a representative list of cities and towns to show the scope and numerous innovations in methods being used by Ohio firemen in their daily work.

In organizing the project, Chief Ferrie appointed a special film committee to guide the effort in regard to the interests of fire fighting personnel.

Chairman of this appointed committee is Chief Charles Bryan of East Liverpool and the other members of the committee include Chief Walter Hydaker of Lima; Battalion Chiefs Emmett Byrne and James Flynn of Cleveland; Chief Frank Vernotzy of Akron; Battalion Chief Thomas Brightwell of Dayton; District Chief Arnold Papenhagen of Toledo, and Chief M. W. Gifford of the Ohio Firemen’s Association.

Handling the production and script details for the film is Austin Productions.

Participants in Fire Training Film Project The major participants in the training film project are, from the left, front row: Chief Walter Hydaker. Lima; John Schellin, Wooster Brass Company; Chief Charles Bryan. East Liverpool; Battalion Chief Thomas Brightwell. Dayton; Richard Ewing, Wooster Brass Company; Battalion Chief James Flynn, Cleveland. In the second row, from the left: Ken Rearick, Wooster Brass Company; Captain Gerald Vernotzy, Akron; Chief Lloyd Eberhart, Wooster; Chief Battalion Emmett Byrne, Cleveland, and District Chief Arnold Papenhagen, Toledo. Absent members: Chief M. W. Clifford; William Ferric; Chief Frank Vernotzy.

The committee of instructors guiding the script material include Battalion Chief Emmett Byrne of Cleveland; Dist. Chief Arnold Papenhagen of Toledo; Captain Gerald Vernotzy of Akron and Battalion Chief Thomas Brightwell of Dayton.

The Wooster Brass Company will make the film available on a free loan basis through its representatives in each state and through the Ohio Fire Chief’s Association in Ohio.

The film, which is titled “Hose Evolutions and Hose Line Equipment” will be available for showings early in November.

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