New Fire Truck Added to Watonga Fire Department

New Fire Truck Added to Watonga Fire Department

The Watonga, Okla., Fire Department had recently acquired a new fire truck, a light mobile unit that can get to a fire in a hurry and extinguish it before it makes too much headway.

The new truck has a 200 gallon booster tank with three one-quarterinch tie-ins which is what the department has been needing on grass fires at the edge of town where it’s a long distance to the fire plug.

Watonga water lines carry about forty to fifty pounds of pressure which, on direct hookup, is about all one of the city’s standard fire hose will handle efficiently.

But now in case of an emergency, the new truck, in addition to one purchased in 1927, can furnish higher pressures as needed.

Lee Boughton is Chief of the Watonga Fire Department.

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