New Form of Fire Extinguishment

New Form of Fire Extinguishment

Captain Hugh T. Dunn, of Engine Co. 153, 74 Broad St., Stapleton, S. I., New York city, has been granted patent number 687,076 for a form of fire extinguishment which operates on the principle of having cartridges shot to the seat of the fire.

The shells which are to be of various size capacity, consists of two separate shells, one inside of the other. The interior shell may be filled with sulphuric acid and the space in the outer compartment may be filled with bicarbonate soda and water similar to the usual chemical fire extinguisher. For use at electrical fires they may be be filled with carbon tetrachloride. The shells have cartridge caps of various degrees of power so that the shells can be fired through a distance of fifty to two thousand yards. A rod which projects in the cap makes contact with an internal shell.

The smaller size shells are to be made of glass or eathenware while the larger size shells are to be copper and lead. The torpedo is equipped with a supporting plane and a projecting shank to fit into the barrels of the gun for the one to ten gallon size.

The inventor claims that this device will do away with the necessity of laying long hose lines, and will eliminate the time lost in coupling hose. He is attempting to raise capital to market the device.

Arrangement of Gun for Discharging Fire Extinguisher Cartridges and Detail of Cartridge.

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