New Hampshire Chiefs’ Club Meets

New Hampshire Chiefs’ Club Meets

Fifty-seven members attended the fall meeting of the New Hampshire Fire Chiefs’ Club which was held at the Hotel Costello, Berlin, on October 10. Chief Harry J. Monahan, of Berlin, presided, assisted by the Secretary, Chief Albert C. Melendy, of Nashua. Daniel Fiedel, Berlin, welcomed the members and guests.

Frank M. Tiffany, of the Gamewell Company, of Newton, Mass., presented the club with an eight-inch fire alarm gong for the president to use in calling the meeting to order. This gong is a relic of the Great Chelsea, Mass., fire, but had been fixed up for use with the gavel.

The Berlin Fire Department furnished music during the luncheon and also gave the ladies present a box of candy and a courtesy card good at any theatre in the city.

M. Norcross Stratton, of the vocational training division ot the Massachusetts Department of Education, was the speaker. He told of the establishment of training schools for firemen in Massachusetts and of the remarkable success and large attendance that has marked the project. The club endorsed the efforts of the committee on revision of New Hampshire fire statutes. It was voted to hold the next three meetings of the club at the Eagle Hotel in Concord, N. H.

New Hampshire Chiefs’ Club Meets


New Hampshire Chiefs’ Club Meets

Chief Harry J. Monahan, of Berlin, N. H., President of the New Hampshire Fire Chiefs’ Club, and all the other officers were unanimously re-elected for another term at the first annual meeting of the club held in Concord, N.H., on April 11.

There was a large attendance at the session which followed a luncheon in the Eagle Hotel. The club was presented with a handsome gavel, the gift of the Berlin, N. H., Firemen’s Relief Association.

The annual report of Chief Albert C. Melendy, of Nashua, showed that the club has a membership of 149, including 121 active members and 28 associate members, and is in a healthy financial condition. A report was made by the auditing committee composed of Deputy Chief E. W. Merrill, of Manchester; Chief Homer B. Whiting, of Hampton; and Chief Percy R. Lewis, of Ashland. The deaths were reported of Deputy Chief John Gordon of Ashland, and Deputy Chief Frank W. Pike, of Epping.

The speaker of the day was Inspector Theodore Gunn, of the New Hampshire Board of Fire Underwriters, who gave a talk and practical demonstration of fire hazards including explosives, inflammables, and substances causing spontaneous igition. He showed the hazards of gasoline and of dust explosions.

Upon motion by Chief Charles H. French, of Manchester, and upon the invitation of Chief Arthur Spring, of Laconia, N. H., it was voted to hold the June meeting of the club at Laconia with a trip on Lake Winnipesaukee and to invite the Fire Chiefs’ Club of Massachusetts and ladies to attend. The August meeting will probably be held in the western part of the state.

Chief Daniel B. Tierney, of Arlington, Mass., President of the New England Association of Fire Chiefs, told of plans for the New England convention to be held in Burlington, Vt., on June 26-29 and gave an outline of the program.

Chief Monahan appointed a committee of three to confer with state officials regarding the establishment of firemen’s training classes in New Hampshire. Those named to this committee were Chief William T. Happny, of Concord; Chief Charles H. French, of Manchester; and Chief Albert C. Melendy, of Nashua, Chief French was appointed Chairman.

The officers, all re-elected, were Chief Harry J. Monahan, Berlin, President; Chief Carroll M. Nash, Dover, First VicePresident; Chief Eugene B. Riley, Keene, Second Vice-President; Chief Albert C. Melendy, Nashua, Secretary-Treasurer; Chief Charles H. French, Manchester; Chief William T. Happny, Concord; Chief Arthur W. Spring, Laconia; Chief William F. Woods, Portsmouth; and Chief Fred M. Sargent, Sunapee, Board of Directors; Chief Harry G. Hilchey, Bedford, Sergeant at Arms.; Deputy Chief Edward W. Merrill, Manchester; Chief Homer B. Whiting, Hampton; and Chief Percy R. Lewis, Ashland, Auditors.