New Hampshire Chiefs Elect Officers

New Hampshire Chiefs Elect Officers

Chief Edgar H. Wheeler, Franklin, N. H., was elected President of the New Hampshire Fire Chiefs’ Club at the annual meeting, held in the Eagle Hotel in Concord on April 13.

Chief Arthur W. Spring, Laconia, was chosen First Vice-President and Chief A. L. Martin, of Amherst, Second VicePresident. The other officers elected were: Chief Albert C. Melendy. Nashua, Secretary-Treasurer; Board of Directors, Chief Charles H. French, Manchester; Chief William T. Happny, Concord; Chief William F. Woods, Portsmouth; Chief F. M. Sargent, Sunapee, and Chief W. F. Hough, Lebanon.

Deputy Chief J. H. Roucher, Laconia, was chosen Sergeant-at-Arms and the following were named as auditing committee: Deputy Chief E. W. Merrill, Manchester; Percy R. Lewis, Concord, and Chief G. H. Lamott, Hampton Beach.

The principal speaker was A. C. Hudson, of the New Hampshire Board of Fire Underwriters. Three new members were elected as follows: Chief Harry W. Carter, Boscawen; Deputy Chief C. R. Cann, Claremont, and J. M Johnson, of Claremont, as associate.

Chief Charles H. French, Manchester, reported the formation of two sectional firemen’s training classes. The next meeting of the club will be held on June 8 in Laconia.

New Hampshire Chiefs Elect Officers


New Hampshire Chiefs Elect Officers

Captain Richard J. Tierney, drill master of the Arlington, Mass., Fire Department, gave an instructive talk on “Training Schools for Firemen” at the meeting of the New Hampshire Fire Chiefs’ Club which was held in the Eagle Hotel, Concord, on April 10.

New officers elected for the ensuing year are: Chief Eugene B. Riley, Keene, President; Chief Ralph S. Goodrich, Epping, First Vice-President; Chief Carl E. Crowley, Ashland, Second Vice-President; Chief Albert C. Melendy, Nashua, Secretary-Treasurer. Chief Harry D. Hilchey, Bedford, was chosen sergeant-at-arms and the following Board of Directors was named Chief Charles H. French, of Manchester; Chief William T. Happny, Concord: Chief William F. Woods. Portsmouth; Chief Fred M. Sargent, Sunapee; and Chief Arthur W. Spring, Laconia.

The club voted to accept the invitation of Chief Melendy, of Nashua, to hold the June meeting in that city with a field day and shore dinner at the Benson Animal Farm. Ladies are invited and an invitation has been extended to the Fire Chiefs’ Club of Massachusetts.

A rising vote of thanks was extended to the retiring president. Chief Harry J. Monahan, of Berlin. Thirty-five members were present.