New Haven Fire Department.

New Haven Fire Department.

The report of Chief Fire Engineer Rufus R. Faucher, of New Haven, Conn., who has been head of that department for over eleven years, shows that he has 158 permanent men under his command and 63 substitutes available on second and third alarms. The apparatus consists of four first size steam fire engines, seven of the second size and one of the third. Also, one chemical engine, six combination chemical and hose wagons, six hose wagons, one 75-ft. American-Ea France aerial truck, two hook and ladder trucks and one combination chemical hook and ladder truck. There is also a reserve equipment of two steam fire engines, one hook and ladder truck and two hose wagons. The rolling stock also includes a Continental automobile runabout for Chief Faucher’s use which, he states, has proved of great benefit to him in administering the affairs of his department. He recommends that the fire marshal, assistant chief, superintendent of fire alarm and master mechanic each be provided with an automobile as a matter of economy.

The inventory value of the New Iliaven department is placed at $471,072, and President Kegelmeyer, of the board of fire commissioners, gives the cost of maintenance for the year as $200,369. The pay roll amounted to $168,399. The other large item was $9,252 for forage.

The department, during the year, responded to 695 calls, five of which were second and third calls. The total loss wa973,756 and the total amount of insurance paid was $160,612, the total amount of losses over insurance, therefore, being $13,114. ()f the 695 tires all


but two were confined to building or place ot origin. In two instances the fire extended to adjoining building, but none beyond that.




Following is a list of the apparatus in service in New Haven Conn.,as furnished FIRE AND WATER by Wm. H. Hubbard, the new superintendent of the fire department of that city.

Engines: No. 1 station Jeffers.

2 “ La France.

3 “ Jeffers.

4 ” Silsby.

5 “ Silsby.

6 “ Hunneman.

7 ” Silsby.

8 “ Jeffers.

No. 1 Babcock Aerial Truck

2 Gleason & Bailey.

3 Leverich.

Chemical Engine: No. 2 House Halloway.

Nos. 9 and 10 houses are not quite completed, No. 9 wilj be located in Ellsworth near Edgewood avenue.and No 10 at Lombard aod Poplar streets. There is a spare Hunneman engine in reserve.

Hook and ladder Truck:

An electric storm on Saturday caused the destruction of Randall’s summer hotel at Lake Como, Wayne county, Pa. Loss, $20,000.