New Haven Installs Emergency Phone System

New Haven Installs Emergency Phone System

The first telephone fire alarm and emergency reporting system in New England went into effect at New Haven, Conn., on January 5th. Telephones, enclosed in red metal boxes at 376 locations throughout that city, replaced the telegraph fire alarm system. Also replaced by the new setup were the police call boxes and signal lights.

Anyone may now report a fire or other emergency by telephoning directly to a central dispatching office at city hall from any of the new boxes. The dispatcher channels the information to the proper place.

The new system has been installed by the Southern New England Telephone Company on a rental basis and the company will maintain the service.

Mayor Richard C. Lee said the saving to the city of New Haven would be more than $43,000 a year. He said that by reporting emergencies by telephone, more information can be obtained of their nature so that proper equipment can be dispatched to the scene.

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