New Haven Opens Regional Fire Training Academy

New Haven Opens Regional Fire Training Academy

Administration and classroom building is in foreground of this view of the New Haven, Conn., Fire Department Regional Fire Training Academy. To the right of the drill tower is the burn building and to the left is the building housing the apparatus maintenance shop and equipment storage.

Photo by Jim Moss, New Haven Department of Fire Service

Memorial mural, which dominates rear wall of auditorium in the administration and classroom building, has scenes of outstanding rescues by the New Haven Fire Department. Lest We Forget on lower center dedicates mural to fire fighters who died in the line of duty and whose names are on plaque at lower left.

The New Haven, Conn., Department of Fire Service recently opened a drill ground that replaced one torn down several years ago under an urban renewal program.

Financed jointly by New Haven and the State of Connecticut, the $2.6-million New Haven Regional Fire Training Academy is available for use by fire fighters throughout the state.

The 160 x 96-foot administration building includes an auditorium, offices, four 26 x 35-foot classrooms, a kitchen and a large room that can be used as a dormitory for out-of-town trainees. The memorial mural that dominates the auditorium was painted by Anthony Falcone, a former fire fighter, and Dan Daddona. Folding gates at the intersection of the two corridors that divide the administration building into quarters make it possible to close off access to office, auditorium or classroom areas individually or in combination.

The 82-foot high drill tower has floors that measure 18′ 10″ x 18′ 5” and the 2 ½-story burn building is 30 ½ x 57 feet.

There is a hydrant system in the yard as well as a drafting pit and two flammable liquid pits. The drill tower has lighting for night training.

Drill tower has an enclosed stairway with a standpipe for high-rise fire training. A sprinkler room is on the ground floor in the rear.Burn building is made of concrete block exterior walls with brick veneer and precast concrete floor and roof slabs. In addition to two floors for class A fires, there is a full basement with pits for flammable liquid fires.

—Staff photos

is building that houses the maintenance shop and storage area for training ground equipment. Hydrant maintenance crew also has space in this building.Tractor-drawn aerial rests atop three-piston lift in apparatus maintenance shop.Spacious classroom is one of four in the administration and classroom building. Each classroom has folding partitions that can divide it into two classrooms. Each room has facilities for the use of visual aid equipment.

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