New Haven to Be Host to New England Division, I.A.F.C.

New Haven to Be Host to New England Division, I.A.F.C.

The New England Division, International Association of Fire Chiefs, and the New Haven Fire Department, will hold their Third Annual Fire Fighters’ Field Day in New Haven on Saturday, May 27, 1950. This will be preceded by a preliminary program of entertainment and demonstrations on the evening of the 26th, and the meeting of the New England Division members on the afternoon of that day.

The Field Day schedule calls for twelve events, as follows: Use of 1 1/2 and 2-inch fog cellar pipes on actual fires, comparative tests of flameproof paint; showing of a new hydraulic platform for cutting wires, etc.; demonstration of latest aluminum foil heat resistant suit; use of treated water on benzol fires and demonstrations of its use in sprinkler systems; operation of high volume (500 GPM) fog heads on aerial ladders; extinguishment of fire in large overhead tank with dry chemical, and use of chemical on butane and propane fires; showing of a new type midget pumper, and U. S. Air Force turret gun, using foam or fog on gasoline fire; and a demonstration of a concentrated anti-foaming agent on boilover fires. A parade by the New Haven Fire Department will conclude Field Day exercises

Sleeping accommodations will be provided, upon advance request, at Fire Department fire stations; parking facilities are ample at the Training Grounds. A noon lunch will be furnished on Saturday for registered guests. The $2.00 registration fee covers all expenses.

Complete details of both the Division meeting and preliminary exhibitions and demonstrations of the 26th, and the Field Day of the 27th, may be secured from Chief Paul P. Heinz, New Haven Fire Department, Fire Headquarters, New Haven, Conn.

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