New Head of the Boston Department

New Head of the Boston Department

(From our Regular Correspondent)

Chief Peter E. Walsh, who has succeeded Chief Peter F. McDonough as head of the Boston, Mass., fire department, the latter, as announced in our issue of August 6, having been retired at his own request, after a service of 36 years, is a young and energetic fire fighter of the modern school, who is expected to put new life and spirit into the Hub’s fire service. Chief Walsh, whose portrait accompanies this article, was born September 25, 1868, and joined the fire; department of Boston on July 29, 1892. He was promoted to lieutenant, August 28, 1896, and to captain in 1904. In 1913, young Walsh was appointed district chief in charge of District 7, with headquarters on Warren Avenue,

Chief Peter E. Walsh, Boston

Last winter Chief Walsh was sent to New York by Fire Commissioner John R. Murphy to study the methods of the New York Fire College and fire prevention bureau, with a view to the formation of similar institutions in Boston.In this plan the chief has the active support and co-operation of the National Fire Protection Association.

“The appointment of Chief Walsh was made over the heads of two deputy chiefs, He was awarded the medal of honor for saving a woman’s life at a fire in 1901. The chief assumed the duties as head of the Boston department on the first of August.

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