New High Capacity Chlorinator Developed for New York Water Department

New High Capacity Chlorinator Developed for New York Water Department

A series of injector type chlorinators of much larger capacity than has heretofore been available have been developed by the Paradon Engineering Company, Long Island City. N. Y., for the New York City Department of Water Supply, Gas and Electricity. Units of this series with capacities as high as 750 pounds of chlorine per 24 hours have been constructed compared with 300 pounds per 24 hours, the heretofore maximum capacity of a single chlorinating unit.

One of these high capacity chlorinators (750 pounds per 24 hours) was installed on trial last winter at the Ashokan Head Works on the Catskill Aqueduct which furnishes the major portion of New York City’s Water Supply.

This unit has now been installed permanently.

The New York water department has been using chlorine in ton containers and this high capacity chlorinator together with these ton containers enabled it to greatly simplify operation, eliminating a large number of connections and manifolds, economizing space and centralizing operation.

Another feature of this apparatus is the automatic chlorine shut-off device which shuts off the chlorine the instant the water pressure drops below the amount required to properly operate the machine. This device can be used to operate the chlorinator semi-automatically in connection with an automatically operated pump-sewage syphon device or any other arrangement where the flow of water or sewage to be chlorinated stops and starts automatically.

Additional units of this type have been installed by the water departments of Baltimore, Chicago, St. Paul, etc. Three units are also being installed at the new sewage disposal plant at New Rochelle, N. Y., Fuller & McClintock, engineers.

750 lb. Capacity Chlorinator connected to Ton Container at Ashokan Plant, New York City Water Department.

Ardmore, Okla., Has Good Supply—Ardmore, Okla., is not troubled by a shortage of water. The city’s average daily consumption is about 250,000,000 gallons—1,000.000gallons of water comes from the city lake and the balance. 1,500,000-gallons comes from the reservoir. The increased demands for irrigation and watering the lawns did not hamper the supply.

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