New Homeland Security Web Page Delivers NIMS Guidance

Washington, D.C. – The Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency has announced the creation of a centralized Web portal to serve as a resource for emergency managers and first responders related to the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

The NIMS Web page,, is designed to offer emergency managers on an on-going basis a complete listing of NIMS requirements, tools and resources, and general information on Homeland Security’s new incident management and maintenance tool.

“This Web page reflects our emphasis on developing tools and sharing information that will help incident managers and responders at all levels integrate NIMS into their operations,” said Michael D. Brown, Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Emergency Preparedness and Response. “Our ability to provide a central location that collects the most current resources available to support NIMS integration allows us to directly support states’ and communities’ preparedness and response activities related to NIMS.

The assessment process, compliance criteria, NIMS-related training, and implementation timelines are some of the issues that will be addressed via the Web page. As NIMS implementation moves forward, relevant information will be posted on the page, which also can be accessed by a direct link from FEMA’s home page, In addition, prospective NIMS users to share questions and concerns by submitting email to

The recently announced NIMS Integration Center, called the NIC, will develop and facilitate national standards for NIMS education and training and refine the system over time. The NIC organization and Web page reflect a focus on key areas and functions, including Standards and Resources; Training and Exercises; System Compliance and Evaluation; Technology, Research and Development; and Publications Management.

NIC Standards and Resources will focus on the development of a national system of guidelines, protocols and standards for NIMS implementation. The Training and Exercises Branch will develop a national program for NIMS education and awareness and facilitate the definition of general training requirements and national-level training standards as well as course curricula associated with the NIMS.

The System Compliance and Evaluation part of the NIC will manage the development of assessment criteria for the various components of the NIMS, as well as compliance requirements and compliance timelines for federal, state, local and tribal entities regarding NIMS standards and guidelines. The Technology, Research and Development Branch and the Publications Management Branch will be established at a later date. The NIMS Integration Center was established by the Secretary of Homeland Security to provide strategic direction for and oversight of the NIMS including both routine maintenance and the continuous refinement of the system and its components over the long term.

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