Chief Cabinet Plan, Ship Fires, and School Hazards Discussed—More than 100 Attend Meeting at Paterson

A DISCUSSION of the Fire Chiefs’ Cabinet plan, the handling of ship fires and school fire hazards, featured the regular quarterly meeting of the New Jersey State Fire Chiefs’ Association, held at Paterson. N. J., January 22nd. Chief Chas. W. Greenfield, presided.

Percy G. Bugbee, Field Secretary of the National Fire Protection Association, who is devoting his entire time now to organizing Fire Chief Cabinets in various parts of the country, told of the effective work that is being accomplished under the cabinet plan. This plan, he said, has for its purpose nothing more than to organize into a group, under the leadership of the fire chief, representatives of the various local civic organizations who can be of so much help to the chief in stirring up direct and favorable action on necessary fire prevention and protection measures. Mr. Bugbee pointed out, that since July 1st he has been instrumental in forming chief’s cabinets in twelve cities.

After considerable discussion, it was decided that a committee of from three to five be appointed to further the chiefs’ cabinet idea in New Jersey. Mr. Bugbee was elected an honorary member of the association.

An unusually interesting paper on ship fires was read by Chief John J. Gilday, of Hoboken. Chief Gildav explained the fire hazards of various types of vessels and the manner in which fires on shipboard should be handled. (Chief’s Gilday’s paper will be published in full in a future issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING.)

Chief Harry G. Francis, reporting for the School Committee, stated that while the attention of the State School Officials has been called to numerous school fire hazards, as reported by local chiefs, little or no action has been taken toward remedying these conditions. In one instance it was pointed out. at Irvington, N. J., a portable frame school building which was destroyed by fire last year is being replaced with the same kind of structure, notwithstanding the fact that the School Committee had pointed out to the state authorities numerous hazardous conditions in the old building. After a lengthy discussion, the school and legislative committees were instructed to formulate a plan to bring the question of school fire hazards before the State Legislature.

Plans for inaugurating a state-wide fire prevention campaign were outlined by Maj. J. H. Howland, reporting for the Fire Prevention Committee. The committee, formed several months ago with Ex-Chief Paul J. Moore, of Newark, N. J., as chairman, is arranging, through the medium of county chairmen, to carry fire prevention propaganda to all parts of the state. An appropriation of $250 was authorized to enable the committee to start this work.

The association went on record as condemning the Newark Chamber of Commerce for its action in recommending that the manual strength of the Newark fire companies be reduced in order to lower maintenance costs, and the secretary was instructed to write the safety director of Newark urging that the present fire department organization be kept intact.

The report of the standardization committee shows that the hose and hydrant couplings of 181 of the 371 towns in the state having public water supplies have been standardized and that the work of standardization is being carried on steadily.

The organization now has a membership of 533, reported T. Howell Johnson, of the membership committee, and he expressed the hope that the 600 mark will be reached within the current year.

Attending the meeting, was Ex-Chief John Stagg, of Paterson, who was one of the original organizers of the association twenty years ago and was its first president. When the association was formed with some twenty members he never realized, he said, that it would ever grow to its present size. Chief Stagg was presented by the association with a handsome cane as a token of esteem.

Notwithstanding the bad weather, more than a hundred chiefs and others attended the meeting, which was held in the Turner Hall. An excellent luncheon was served the visitors in an adjoining hotel. Chief Thos. Coyle, of Paterson was given a rising vote of thanks for the splendid manner in which he took care of the visitors.

Following are those who were in attendance:

Wm. F. Ingold. Edgewater; Thomas Pryor, Lebanon; John H. Howland, N. Y. C.; H. L. Sears, Milburn; John A. Mclntyn, Morristown; Wilbur F. Day, Morristown; A. Muller, Demarest; Geo. Clair. Paterson; N. L. Parmelee, Newark; W. S. Noble, Red Bank; Gethro Gibbs, Montclair; John Van Duren, Prospect Park; Stewart H. Fairservice. Rahway; Geo. W. Taylor. Mountain View; John G. Heus, Fort Lee; Peter Braen, Hawthorne; Bayard C. Stavely, Boonton; John J. Masterson, North Caldwell; Henry Schnakenber, Rochelle Park; George Hubschmitt, Glen Rock; Louis Marzitelli. Garfield; Rudolph Shamberger. Garfield; Frederick Schweitzer, Garfield; C. C. Vogel, Fairlawn; Louis E. Dinesen, Dumont; Curtis vom Eyser, Rochelle Park; Adam A. Ritter, Clifton; Charles B. Heckel, Mountainside; Lewis E. Heckel, Mountainside; O. M. Koenig, Cincinnati. O.; Andrew T. Callahan, Harrison; F. C. Decker. Westfield; Charles F. Johnson, Harrison; Knowlton F. Pierce, Kearny; Paul J. Moore, Newark; H. W. Breder, Egg Harbor City; S. B. Conver, Ocean City; E. ^H. King, Kearny; Chas. E. Burr, Bordentown; Chas. H. Fischer, N. Y.; Walter H. Klepp, Keansburg; Robert Beyer. Keansburg; Wm. Sweeny, Keansburg; Fred Nightingale, Keansburg; George L. Mitchell, East Orange; I. H. Case, Fire and Water Engineering, N. Y. C.; Fred Shepperd, The Fire Engineer, N. Y. C.

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Percy Bugbee, Boston, Mass.; R. M. Cadman, Summit; Lester L. Thurston. Hasbrouck Heights; Rowland C. Buckwalter, Toms River; George Cashart, Jersey City; Henry S. Woman, Boonton; O. P. Whitehead, Boonton; M. Murphy, N. Y. C.; Aaron E. Baker, Maplewood; Wm. Ziegler. Hackensack; G. Beckert, West New York; C. A. Morris, Long Branch; Frank D. Griffith, Long Branch; John L. Lehman, Mine Safety Appliances Co., N. Y. C.; Chas. Danielson, W. New York; James Madden, Paterson; J. Francis, New Brunswick; Rhine, New Brunswick: Louis Sase. New Brunswick; M. L. Ward, Paterson; G. Schock, Jr., Union Hill; J. M. Latour, N. Y. C.; Rev. Wm. J. Carlin, Paterson; A. T: Mangeney, Paterson; V. H. Vreeland, Little Falls; R. S. Daniel, Little Falls; F. A. Schultz, Hasbrouck Heights; Chris H. Hasselhuhn. Carlstadt; C. E. Thiel, Ridgefield Park; W. M. blunter, Ridgefield Park; Hugh McGowan, Jr., Ridgefield Park; H. J. Groom, Irvington; L. B. Kirtcant, Irvington; Valentine Gleckner, Carteret; Wm. Duff, Carteret; J. E. Myers, Boonton; James Adams, N. Berlin; Wm. G, Presley, Long Branch; F. E. Bensen, Paterson; E. M. Tilt, Paterson; A. B. Lembeck, Demarest; J. J. Gilday, Hoboken; Lawrence Perry, Glen Ridge; E. R. Oakes, E. Rutherford; Jas. Stevens, E. Rutherford; T. H. Wallace, Island Heights; H. E. Hann, Plainfield; W.J. Dunn, Plainfield; Thomas Coyle, Paterson; J. C. Clevenger, Long Branch; John Stagg, Paterson; C. W. Greenfield, Kearny; Fred A. Trowbridge, Morristown; Miss E. M. Finnerty, Bloomfield; C. S. Mount, Red Bank; T. H. Johnson, Newark; Henry C. Tamin, Demarest.

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New Jersey Chiefs Meet


New Jersey Chiefs Meet

Chiefs and ex-chiefs of fire departments from all parts of New Jersey gathered at the Restaurant Achtel-Stetter, Newark, last Wednesday to attend the semi-annual meeting of the New Jersey State Fire Chiefs’ Association. Following the reading of reports by various committees, the delegates adjourned to the banquet hall for luncheon.

One of the most important matters taken up was the proposed plan of insurance for members. Several excellent suggestions were made by various members present for ways and means of establishing an insurance fund. Chief Paul J. Moore, of Newark, N. J., suggested that the association issue an annual souvenir booklet from which considerable revenue could be raised. A resolution was passed authorizing him to negotiate with publishers. Chiefs Jackson and Trowbridge were added to a standing committee of three to thoroughly go into the insurance matter, and it is more than likely that some definite plan of procedure will be formulated by the next meeting. Another committee, consisting of Chiefs Decker, Greenfield and Arnett, was appointed to keep the association informed as to new legislation affecting firemen of the State, and incidentally to see that the interests of the smaller communities are properly looked after in this respect. Among those present were: John Stagg. Paterson; George W. Arnett, Lambertville; August Gerstung, Elizabeth; C. S. Mount, Red Bank; T. O. Doane, Plainfield; Fred C. Decker, Westfield; James Sheehan. West Orange; Charles Burr, Borden town; Fred E. Williams, Montclair; D. E. Benedict, Newark; M. A. Dunn, Hoboken; William H. Matthews. Orange; Alfred Davis, Bayone; Charles H. Greenfield, Kearney; William Duff, Grant City; Fred A. Trowbridge, Morristown; Daniel D. Pote, Paulsboro; Paul J. Moore, Newark; Albert B. Lembeck, Demarest; Harry Francis. New Brunswick; Albert E. Jackson, West Summitt; George E. Koeber, Bloomfield; Samuel A. Gruver, Madison; Charles H. Day, Mendham; Ed. J.Scheiber, Cedar Grove; J. B. McGrath, Madison; A. H. Elms, East Rutherford; James H. Cavanaugh, Madison; T. H. Johnson, Bloomfield; George L. Mitchell. East Orange; A. D. Jennings, Plainfield; Arthur Russell, Glen Ridge; Chaplain Howard, Newark; William E. C ampbell, Maplewood; E. A. Williams, Roseland; A. V. Pearson. Hightstown; Louis N. Schnipp, Ridgefield Park.