Franklin H. Wentworth Speaks at Quarterly Meetin New Jersey State Fire Chiefs’ Association— New Fire Prevention Committee Is Announced

Chief Charles W. Greenfield, Pres., New Jersey Fire Chiefs

AN interesting fire prevention talk by Franklin H. Wentworth, announcement of a new fire prevention committee to carry on state-wide propaganda, and the presentation of a gift to Chief Charles W. Greenfield, President of the Association, featured the quarterly meeting of the New Jersey State Fire Chiefs’ Association held at Westfield, April 23.

More than a hundred chiefs and others from all parts of the state were present at the session which was held in the assembly room at fire headquarters. Chief Fred Decker and members of the Westfield Fire Department treated the visitors to an excellent luncheon at a local hotel.

The meeting was opened with a prayer by Rev. Michael P. Corcoran, chaplain Newark Fire Department, followed by addresses of welcome by Chief Fred C. Decker and a representative of the Mayor of Westfield.

Mr. Wentworth, who is secretary of the National Fire Protection Association, reviewed the progress of organized fire prevention effort and showed very clearly why in spite of all the educational propaganda the country’s annual fire toll keeps going up. Before any appreciable headway can be made in getting people generally to co-operate in fire prevention work, he said, they must be made to understand that our present fire waste costs each and every one $25 a year and that they are really paying it in a form of indirect taxation. Insurance rates are based on the fire loss, the merchant and manufacturer figures his insurance cost in with the price of his goods and the general public pays the bill, little realizing that they are actually shouldering the tremendous fire cost. The trouble is, he pointed out. people feel they have nothing to worry about so long as they pay their insurance premiums, and any talk about fire prevention usually goes in one ear and out the other.

The Fire Chief’s Cabinet plan was urged by Mr. Wentworth not only as an effective means of bringing about better fire prevention results but of eliminating political interference in the enactment and enforcement of fire prevention measures.

New Fire Prevention Committee

In launching the new fire prevention committee, President Greenfield felt that the organization has started the most important work that it has yet undertaken. Chief Paul J. Moore, state chairman of this committee and Major J. H. Howland, of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, an associate member, laid out and presented at the meeting a general plan of action. The committee will be organized with a vice chairman for each of the twenty-one counties of the state and all will work under uniform instructions in the effective spread of suitable fire prevention propaganda. It is expected to have the plans fully and definitely formulated at a very early date and the work gotten under way.

Chest of Silver Presented to President Greenfield

As a token of esteem and in appreciation of his work in behalf of the association, the members presented President Charles W. Greenfield with a handsome chest of silver containing 110 solid sterling pieces, each suitably engraved. With this also was given a $1,000 theft insurance policy fully paid up. T. Howell Johnson, acting as spokesman, expressed eloquently the high regard in which President Greenfield is held and of his tireless, wholehearted efforts that have been so largely instrumental in bringing about the association’s great accomplishments.

Taken completely by surprise and deeply moved it was not until later in the afternoon Chief Greenfield regained his composure sufficiently to give an expression of his feelings. Ex-Chiefs Gruver and Smith, of Madison sent Chief Greenfield a big basket of roses. Madison is know as the “Rose City.”

Reports of Committees

The report of the school committee showed that considerable progress has been made in eliminating fire hazards in the schools throughout the state. Working in co-operation with state school authorities, the chiefs have been successful in eliminating many dangerous conditions.

Numerous instances were cited where good work had been accomplished in this respect. Chief Harry J. Francis, chairman of the committee, explained that some of the things found in the inspection work were three-story frame buildings used for schools, wooden stairways, heater rooms not inclosed in fireproof rooms, auditoriums with insufficient exits, narrow stairways not protected from smoke, doors not equipped with panic holts and some opening in, improperly cared for hose and extinguishers and the absence of this equipment altogether in some instances, and ash accumulations in other than metal containers. It was decided to apply the same inspection methods to private and parochial schools even though they are ttot under state jurisdiction.

R. M. Cadman, reporting for the Hose Coupling Standardization Committee, stated that twelve cities and towns had been standardized during the past three months, making a total of 149 to date. Excellent progress is being made in this work and it is expected to have the whole state standardized before very long.

The Association has now reached a membership of 454, reported T. Howell Johnson, chairman membership committee. Every effort will be made to reach the 500 mark by September 1.

Other Happenings at Meeting

That Chief Paul J. Moore had decided to retire as head of the Newark Fire Department was brought out at the meeting. Several of those present spoke highly of his record at Newark and of his work in connection with the association. While a resolution was passed urging Chief Moore to reconsider and continue in office, he said he had already made up his mind definitely to retire.

Following a talk by State Senator Pearson on Pensions, an illustrated lecture by Ira G. Hoagland, secretary, Automatic Sprinkler Association, on School House Fires, and a demonstration by representatives of Mine Safety Appliances Company showing how the H-H Inhalator is used in reviving firemen overcome by smoke, the meeting adjourned.

The next quarterly session will be held at New Brunswick. Those present at Westfield were:

F. A. Trowbridge, Morristown; W. H. Matthews, Keystone Park; James J. Sheehan, West Orange; John W. C. Pape, Bergenfield; John H. R. Meyers, Madison; Chas. F. Johnson, Harrison; J. B. McGratt, Madison; Louis E. Sherrer, Roselle Park; Samuel T. Howorth, New Providence; C. S. Rittenhouse, Flemington; R. M. Cadman, Summit; John J. Gilday, Hoboken; James H. Covanaugh, Madison; A. P. Smith, Madison; N. T. Miller, Manasquan; Paul J. Moore, Newark; J. E. Myers, Boonton; Rowland H. Leveridge, Trenton; H. J. Lucas. Boonton; T. O. Duane. Plainfield; Chas. B. Herkel, Mountainside; Wm. Duff, Carteret; J. T. Keegan, Newark; Aug. Gerstung, Elizabeth; George B. Carbert, Dover; Robert J. Maroh, Pompton Lakes; Wm, T. McCullough, N. Plainfield; Chas. W. White, Dover; James R. Easle, New Brunswick; H. J. Dunn, Plainfield; G. F. Granger, Park Ridge; Mr. Frahn, Park Ridge; Arthur S. Tufts. East Orange; T. Howell Johnson. Bloomfield; Robert Cadman, East Hartford, Conn.; J. V. Sutphen, Newark; W. H. Miller and V. F. Deff, Chatham; Wm. P. Cox, Elizabeth; Vincent H. Vreeland, Little Falls; H. J. Becker, South Orange; H. J. Runyon, Jr., Overman Cushion Tire Co., New York; E. S. Amerman, Morristown; R. B. Troxel, Morristown; A. Chamberlain, Township of Hillside; Knowlton F. Pierce, Kearny; Geo. P. Dorer, Hillside: B. C. Stavely, Boonton: Rev. F. Corcoran, Newark; K. V. Ridley, Teaneck; W. F. Ingold, Edgewater; Fred E. Robertson, Summit; Sidney F. Cole, Summit; Wm. Ziegler, Hackensack; W. Harry Posten, Atlantic Highlands; James J. McMillan, Orange; Fred Decker, Westfield; A. T. Callahan, Harrison; Geo. E. Koeber, Bloomfield; H. D. Little, Atlantic Highlands; Chas. E. Burr, Bordentown; John J. Masterson, North Caldwell; Chas, Biegner, Harrison; Harry J. Francis, New Brunswick; Gottfried Schock, Jr., Town of Union; W. M. Hunter, Ridgefield Park; Victor H. Houst, Ridgefield Park; A. B. Lambeck, Demarest; Chas. E. Thiel, Ridgefield Park; Franklin H. Wentworth, Boston Mass.; Clarence B. Poland, Manasquan; William J. Smith, Bridgeboro; Thos. W. Cashman, Ridgefield Park; Ernest G. Bekert, West New York; W. A. Mahnhe, Atlantic City; S. B. Conver, Ocean City; H. W. Breder, Egg Harbor City; Lambert K. Jackson, Long Branch; A. E. Nelson, Long Branch; Michael F. O’Brien, Bayonne; H. W. Morton, Bayonne; James G. Hogan, Bayonne; Alfred Davis, Bayonne; George I.. Mitchell. East Orange; Jacob H. Pels, Long Branch; Samuel A. Gruver, Madison; Henry S. Worman, Boonton; John J. Gullinan, Morristown; Walter J. Bond, Union; John A. McIntyre, Morristown; Miss E. F. Finnerty; Aaron Baker, MaplewoodChas. W. Greenfield, Kearny; L. J. Bowker. Mine Safety Appliances Co., Philadelphia, Pa.; John L. Lehman. Mine Safety Appliances Co., New York; F. E. Bensen and M. C. Murphy, Eureka Fire Hose Dept., U. S. Rubber Co,. New York; T. Hastings Howland, National Board of Fire Underwriters, New York; Otto F. Adams; Andrew C. Ogden, R. M. Caracher, New York; I. H. Case, FIRS: AND WATER ENGINEERING, New York.

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