New Jersey State Chiefs’ Convention

New Jersey State Chiefs’ Convention

The following circular letter has been issued by the New Jersey State Fire Chiefs’ Association in regard to their convention, taking place on May 19:

Dear Chief:—The Semi-Annual meeting of the N. J. State Fire Chiefs’ Association will be held at Orange Fire Headquarters, Central Avenue and Lincoln Avenue, Orange, N. J., on Wednesday, May 19, 1920, at 10 o’clock a. m. Orange Fire Headquarters is only five minutes walk from the Lackawanna Orange Station. Central Avenue or Orange cross town trolley cars pass the door. The Committee on Exhibits have been working hard and have secured a large number of exhibitions which will be interesting and instructive to all Chiefs. The officers and Committee have made every effort to make this Semi-Annual Chief Meeting the best ever held and we want every Chief and Ex-Chief of New Jersey present if possible. Chiefs can invite their Fire Commissioner, also Industrial Chiefs, to accompany them to this meeting. Lunch will be served 12:30 to 1:30 p. m. Make a special effort to be present.

Fig. 4—Methods of Building Fireplaces and Chimneys Upper—Types of Flues. Lower—Left, method of corbelling chimneys; right, method of building fireplace

Yours truly,



FRED A. TROWBRIDGE Secretary, 17 South St., Morristown, N. J. Tel. 1040.

The apparatus of Chemical 2, of the Mount Vernon, N. Y., fire department, was recently seriously damaged when it struck against a trolley pole and was in turn crashed against a street curb. Driver Fitzgerald and six members of the crew narrowly escaped serious injury. The company was responding to an alarm for a grass fire. Fitzgerald was suspended after the accident by Fire Commissioner Havey. He stated he lost control of the machine.

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