The eleventh annual convention of the New Jersey State Firemen’s Association will be held at the People’s Theatre, Paterson, N. J., on Wednesday, September 26, at ten o’clock A. M. Article 25, of the act of 1885, provides for delegates as follows:

And be it enacted, that on or before the second Wednesday in September in every year the board of representatives of each duly incorporated local firemen’s relief association in this State may and shall choose out of the whole body of the membership thereof three delegates, who, together with the chief engineer, or if there be no chief engineer, then the fire marshal, or in case there be neither, then the senior foreman shall represent said corporation at the meetings of the said New Jersey State Firemen’s Association.

The various firemen’s relief associations are requested to send to the secretary, II. H. Brown, Newark, N. J., the names of delegates and members ex-ojfficio, to enable the secretary to complete the roll of delegates previous to the meeting. The headquarters of the executive committee will be at the rooms of the Exempt Firemen’s Association, No. i6g Market street, the use of which has been very kindly tendered to the committee by the association, where the members may be found after 8 P. M. of the 25th inst. Delegates on their arrival in Paterson are requested to report at the rooms of the Exempt Association, where members will be in attendance to direct them to the hotels or place of meeting of the convention.

INCENDIARY AND ARSON. —Incendiary is a derivation from the Latin incendiarius, “ relating to conflagration,” which in its literal sense may equally be applied to an accidental or willful fire, according to the circumstances, but the word is usually (perhaps erroneously) construed in the latter sense only. Arson is derived from the Norman arsine, “willful and malicious burning.” Strictly speaking, this refers only to the firing of property belonging to another person, but the law extends its operations to a much wider and more comprehensive extent, for where the burning is done with the express intention of defrauding insurers, it is considered a serious aggravation of the offense.

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The following report of the organization of a State Fireman’s Association for New Jersey, we find in the Newark Sunday Call :

Delegates from the different cities and towns of the State met in Firemen’s Hall on Thursday afternoon by Invitation of the Legislative Committee of the Board of Representatives of the Newark Fire Department, for the purpose of taking preliminary steps toward forming a State Firemen’s Association. The hall was filled, and among the delegates were Colonel Spencer, Mayor; Hon. John Kennell and Lawyer Gibbs, of Passaic; Hon. John T. Dunn, of Elizabeth; Chief Reill and President Johnson, of the Patterson Fire Department; Chief Jeffreys of Burlington; Chief Harrup, of Orange; Chief Crook, of Newton, and lcadin firemen of other places. It was t o’clock when ex-Chief Wm. H. Brown, Pres dent ot the Newark Fire Department, called the Convention to order, and o motion of Mr. Kinnard, of this city, Colonel Spencer was made temporary chair man. Mr. Frank ’1 uite, of this city, was elected temporary secretary. Th question ol permanent organization caused some little debate, but it was final! resolved that the chairman should appoint a committee for that purpose, and als one on Rules, tor the first mentioned committee the chair appointed the follow mg. John Kennell, of Passaic; James McKiernan, of Paterson; John 1 Dunn, of Elizabeth; Lewis Cornier, of Trenton, and Chief Jeffreys, of Bui lmgton. Upon reassembling alter a recess the Committee on Rules reported i favor of adopting those used by the Newark Fire Department, which was agree to Phe Committee on Permanent Organization reported the following list of officers: President, ex-Chief William H. Brown, Newark; Vice PresidentHon. John 1 Dunn, Elizabeth; Chief Reilly, Paterson; Charles McGil 1 enton; E. H. Henry, Jersey City; W. W. Slack, Burlington; Treasurei Col. B. W. Spencer, Passaic ; Secretary, Frank Tuite, Newark; Corresponding Secretary, P. McGavish, Hoboken; Financial Secretary, W. H. Leonard, Dover. The report was adopted. On taking the chair President Brown returned thanks in a few courteous remarks. Upon calling the roll delegates responded from the following places: Burlington, Dover, Elizabeth, Hackettstown, Hackensack, Hoboken, Jersey City, Long Branch, Morristown, Newton, New Brunswick, Orange, Phillipsburg, Paterson, Passaic, Salem, Trenton, Newark and East Newark. Messrs. A. J. Payne, Chairman of the Legislative Committee; Samuel A. Baldwin, Esq.; Treasurer of the Newark Fire Department; Hon. John T. Dunn, and gentlemen from Jersey City, Hoboken and Paterson addressed the Convention upon the good results that would accrue from the success of the Foreign Insurance bill that passed the Legislature last Winter. On motion of Colonel Spencer the following resolutions were read and adopted :


Whereas, We, the representatives of the several Fire Departments, in council assembled on May 22, A. D., 1879, at Firemen’s Hall in the City of Newark, County of Essex, and State of New Jersey, recognizing the usefulness of our occupation in saving tne property of our fellow citizens from that most destructive element—fire; and further recognizing the necessity of a more perfect union for the purpose of protecting the mutual interests of the Firemen of this State, and more especially the different charitable funds of the same, and to promote social intercourse among us ; therefore,

Resolved, That we hereby form curselves into a body to be known as the Firemen’s Association of the State of New Jersey.

Resolved, That we will use all honorable means to forward every object, whether legislative or otherwise, which may have in view the welfare and protection of all matters pertaining to the interests of this association.

It was resolved that the first Annual Convention of this Association should be held in Trenton at 12 M., on the fourth Wednesday of September, and that the basis of representation should be as at present—three from each Department, and small towns having one Engine to be entitled to one representative ; that all Chief Engineers should be members ex-officio, and where there is no Chief the senior officers shall be admitted.

A Committee consisting of Messrs. John S. Gibson, of Dover, John Caminade, of Trenton, and John McKiernan, of Paterson, was appointed by the President to draw up a constitution and by-laws, to be reported at the September meeting.

Colonel Spencer, in a neat speech, moved a vote of thanks to the Legislative Committee and the Board of Representatives of the Newark Fire Department for their kind attention and great interest they have taken in the welfare of the Firemen of the State. This was seconded by the Hon. Mr. Dunn, and it was passed by a standing vote and applause. The Convention then adjourned.

The entire delegation, together with many invited guests repaired to Greason’s, on Market street, where they partook of a most excellent dinner, after which an hour or more was passed listening to the toasts arfd speeches by Messrs. Samuel A. Baldwin, Counsellor Cross, John T. Dunn, Colonel Spencer, A. J. Payne, John B. Thome, Frank Tuite, Chief Benedict and many others. Thus ended the first Convention of the State Firemen’s Association, and it would be no flattery to say that in point of intelligence and respectability it has never been surpassed by any ever held in this city.