New Machine Shop and Fireboat Station For Milwaukee.

New Machine Shop and Fireboat Station For Milwaukee.

At Milwaukee there is considerable likelihood of a considerable addition and betterment in Chief Clancy’s department.

Plans for a municipal building at the north approach of the new East Water street bridge to house the crew of fireboat No. 15, a repair shop for fireboats, the harbor master and possibly the superintendent of bridges and h_____ repair department are in process of incubation. The carrying out of the tentative plans depends to a large extent upon Fire Chief Thomas A. Clancy.

Ever since lie has been at the head of the fire department Chief Clancy has sought to have erected on one of the rivers a modern repair shop for the fire department. The present repair shops back of engine company No. 4 on Second street are crowded. There is not enough available space for the needs of the city. It is the wish of Chief Clancy that the city erect a new building for the shops. He wants’it located on the river so that a fireboat undergoing repairs could be kept in service.

The property available on East Water street, north of the bridge, is hardly large enough for a regular shop to cover all branches of the work of the department. Tbe frontage on East Water street is 130 feet. At the bridge the depth of the tract is practically nothing. The triangle is 150 feet long on the north boundary.

The tract would be large enough, it is thought, to provide room for a repair department devoted exclusively to fireboat work. But to accomplish good results and keep the fireboats in service during the making of minor repairs it would be necessary to duplicate some of the machinery of the general repair shops.

Within a short time the site will be vacated. Building Inspector E. V. Koch has condemned the buildings from 185 to 15)7 East W ater street. The building adjacent to the bridge, formerly occupied by the harbor master and bridge superintendent, already has been demolished to make room for the north abutment of the bridge. The clearing away of the old buildings condemned by the building inspector will leave nearly a half block vacant. The city undoubtedly will acquire a portion of the property because of its desirability as a fireboat station. The men attached to fireboat No. 15 are now housed in a temporary structure on the river. Some provision will have to be made to improve the building for winter. Constructed of thin boards it would not be warm enough for winter use.


With in a year a model fireboat station will be built near the bridge, it is expected.

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