New McKeesport Plant Near Completion

New McKeesport Plant Near Completion

The new $233,000 water works at McKeesport, Pa., is nearing completion according to a statement by Superintendent of Public Safety A. J. Richards and it is likely that the new plant will be in use before November 1. Completion and operation of the new works will mean the elimination of the high service pumping station. The plant will be operated by electricity and the old boilers and steamdriven pumps will be abandoned. The boilers will be sealed to prevent rust and the old pumping equipment will be greased, and kept for emergency use.

The new works includes several buildings, a stand-pipe and additional filter capacity in addition to new water mains. The stand-pipe has been completed excepting for a connection with an overflow sewer. It has a capacity of 250,000 gallons of water and will give the hill districts increased pressure and volume and provide greater fire protection.

Other construction includes a new main pumping station and equipment. The roof is now being placed on the main pumping station and pumps and motors are being lined up, while the grounds are being filled and leveled. One of the biggest and most difficult jobs of the contract remains to be done. It is construction of waste sewers leading from filter beds and an opening through the wall of the old Clearwater well. Four additional filter beds have been installed. They will increase the capacity of the plant to 10,000,000 gallons of water a day. The woodwork of the new and the old buildings is to be painted next week. The contract price of the improvement was $219,300 but some additions have been decided upon and it is expected that by the time all necessary work and installation has been completed the bond issue total, $233,000, will have been used up.

Washington State District May Purchase Seattle Water— A special election will be held November 4, in water district No. 9 King County, Wash., for the purpose of voting on a $12,000 bond issue for pipe lines and to consider the proposition of entering into a contract with the city of Seattle for purchasing water for the district.

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