New Method of Mounting Fire Boxes

New Method of Mounting Fire Boxes

The customary backboard is abolished in the new method of mounting fire alarm boxes as developed by the Gamewell Company with their “Ezymount.”

It consists essentially of a vertical metal strip with a horizontal arm designed to reach around the pole. It has an offset at both the upper and lower ends in order to clear the box. The sidearms are adjustable to poles of various diameters. The device can also be used on flat surfaces by removing the side arms and striking the offset a blow with a hammer to make the strip flat.

Applications of the New Mount for Fire Alarm Boxes Left—The mount placed on a wooden nolc ready to receive the fire alarm box. Center Box mounted on pole by device. Right Bracket used to mount box on building by removing side arms.

The design of the mount prevents the box being removed except by one who has access to the inside of the box.

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