New National Platform Helps to Protects Families and Reduce Crime

Today, AlertID, which has proven to help enhance public safety and reduce crime, introduced its new comprehensive suite of mobile and online applications and services that redefine the way in which critical public safety information is communicated and shared among public safety officials and the citizens that they protect. AlertID is a free service for end users and public safety officials.

AlertID is the first system of its kind that provides two-way communications between local authorities and the public to exchange immediate information on threats to our safety and well-being. It has significantly reduced crime and earned the endorsement of national, state and local legislators, law enforcement officers and emergency responders.

“Our mission is to make the country’s public safety information universally accessible, and this release represents a major milestone in the Company’s efforts to help people protect their families and communities across the country,” said Ken Wiles, AlertID’s Chief Executive Officer.

AlertID’s new features and services include:

  • My Family WalletTM provides parents with a secure, convenient way to protect their children when they visit unfamiliar areas or their local shopping mall.
  • The Company has also enhanced its Community Social Networking Services, which help people work together to share information that is important to the safety of their families and communities.
  • AlertID announced that it is dramatically enhancing the speed and accuracy of national Homeland Security Reporting.
  • AlertID now provides National Weather and Earthquake Alerts. Weather information is critical to ensuring public safety, and AlertID announced that it is providing weather information and alerts issued by the National Weather Service.
  • AlertID is also launching a new National Event Map, which displays each of the public alerts sent through the AlertID system across the country.

“AlertID is a unique platform that is filling a void that exists between public safety and the community we serve. It has made a dramatic impact in helping to reduce crime and protect families by directly involving the community in policing efforts.” Chris Perry, Director for the Nevada Department of Public Safety

Alert ID provides every-day protection for your family and community.

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