New No. O Clark Water Meter Tester

New No. O Clark Water Meter Tester

The Clark water meter tester, a product of the H. W. Clark Company, manufacturers of water works appliances, of Mattoon, Ill., is furnished complete—a Fairbanks standard scale, the Clark company’s special meter tester beam and percentage bar, 100-gallon galvanized iron tank fitted with quick outlet valve, together with a tester table upon which may be tested six 5/8-inch meters or combinations of ⅝-inch, ¾-inch and 1-inch meters at one time, or it may be used just as conveniently for testing only one meter from any size from 5/8-inch to 2 inches. For “sensibility tests selfcleaning valves through which 1-32, 1-16 or 1/8-inch flow test may be secured are provided. One of the features of the Clark meter tester is that as it is adaptable for testing one, two, three, four, five or six meters in practically the time required to test one, saving 5-6 the time and consequently 5-6 the expense. There are gauges for accurately determining pressures at both inlet and outlet. The meter tester was perfected from the company’s practical water works experience of twenty-five years with meters, their testing and care. There is a slow opening inlet valve, eliminating water hammer and undue strains on meter and a quick-opening valve on the outlet side of meters, enabling flow through same to be controlled identically as when in actual service and giving absolute control over the test at all times. The scale platform and base are of special construction, set flat on the floor, no rollers to affect its stability during test.

The Clark Meter Tester.

The Clark Meter Tester table is as follows:

The Clark Meter Test Table

Table of Comparative Efficiencies of “Single Capacity Meter Testers” and ”Clark Multiple Meter Testers” Based on Test Run of 10 cu. ft. Column “1” shows results obtained with “Single Meter Outfit. Columns “3” and “6”, the results obtained through use of “Clark Multiple Testers” of 3 and 6 Meter Capacity respectively.

Note the Results—Draw Your Own Conclusions.

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