New Orleans Honors Chief John Evans

New Orleans Honors Chief John Evans

There was subtle work afoot while Chief Evans, newly elected president of the International Association of Fire Chiefs was returning to New Orleans, his native city. It seemed as though the more prominent factions in the city had an active part in the plan. And so when Chief and Mrs. John M. Evans arrived in New Orleans at 8:30 a.m. and went to the central fire station, they found a large crowd awaiting them to offer their respects.

New Orleans Firemen Presented Chief Evans With a Handsome Chest of Silver When He Returned from the Convention

From there the firemen’s and policemen’s bands escorted the happy couple to the City Hall. The corridors, mayor’s parlors and council chambers were decorated with palms and flowers in honor of the occasion. All who could, crowded into these rooms.

The firemen presented their chief with a magnificent chest of silver. Engraved on a golden plate mounted on the chest was a commemoration of his election as president of the I. A. F. C. The police department presented him with a handsome grandfather’s clock while a prominent women’s organization in the city presented him with an elaborate silver tea service.

Tears of appreciation filled the eyes of both Chief and Mrs. Evans. When Mayor O’Keefe in a short talk stated that New Orleans was proud of him, the Chief said that his home folks were honoring him beyond his wildest dreams.

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