New Orleans Water-Works.

New Orleans Water-Works.

Now that the way seems to be clear, and all questions affecting the validity of the contract between the city of New Orleans and the water company are determined in its favor by the highest court in the land, it would therefore appear to the mind of any sensible being that the best thing the company can do is to make up for lost time by commencing at once to improve its plant and property so as to meet the reasonable expectations of a reasonable people.

If there is any one thing that is a drawback to the commercial and industrial interests of a city it is a meagre supply of potable water to its people. And, on the other hand, nothing can contribute such substantial and progressive elements to the growth of a city as an ample water supply.

If the company will be inspired by this thought of progress and development they will have no reason to regret it. With ample means of filtration and distribution will assuredly come the demand for more water for domestic use and manufacturing purposes, and the introduction of a general sewer system which no doubt will largely increase the comfort, convenience and health of the people of the city of New Orleans.

Next to an ample supply of water comes the question of sewerage. No proper sanitary system is recognized in our American cities unless it is found in a sewer system. The fact that the city is below the Mississippi level is no obstacle in the way of a well-developed plan equal to the occasion and the emergency.

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