New Patents.

New Patents.

983,904. Fire-escape. David Israel. New York, N. Y.

984,060. Host-rack. William D. Allen, Chicago, Ill., assignor to W. D. Allen Manufacturing Co., same place.

984,189. Centrifugal and Turbine Pump, and the Like. William C. Brown, Prescott, Ontario, Canada.

984,210. Sprinkler-Alarm System. Albert Goldstein and Henry F. Blackwell, New York, N. Y., assignors to International Electric Protection Co.

984,211. Electric Alarm System. Albert Goldstein. New York. N. Y., assignor to International Electric Protection Co.

984,231. Chemical Fire-Engine. Henry M. Minnis, Wylie. Texas, assignor to Samuel Potts and C. D. Love, same place.

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The following new patents issued especially reported for FIRE AND WATER:

679,824. Wall-tie. T. J. McCall, Tarentum, Pa.

679,829. Mold for chimney-caps. I. W. Octrander and Ray Cook, Yorkshire, N. Y.

679,849. Joist-hanger. Jullus Tateur, Cleveland, Ohio.

679,861. Controling mechanism forelevators. A. T. Brown, Cincinnati, Ohio, assignor to the Warner Elevator Manufacturing company, same place.

670,871 to 670,882 inclusive. Safes or vaults and parts of same H. D. Hibbard, Plainfield, N. J., assignor to the Hibbard, Hodman, Ely Safe company, New York, N. Y.

670,430. Floor and ceiling. Jacob Schratweiser, Brooklyn, N. Y.

670,460 Roof for boilers. Walter Kennedy, Allegheny, Pa.

670,484. Elevator. C. L. Startup, Ellenvllle, N. Y.

670,581. Elevator safety appliauce. W. R. Weeks, New York, N. Y.