New Products

New Products


Sequential Flasher

Mars Signal Light announces a sequential flashing unit—the Arrowflash. As a directional flasher, the six-lamp unit flashes a sequence of lights in the direction of desired traffic flow, the last light in the series remaining on at all times to assure directional continuity. At high speeds the same unit acts as a turn indicator.

Arrowflash flashers are available with custom wiring for hookup to normal vehicle light controls-turn indicators, emergency flashers and brakes. They can be installed on Mars mounting bars or directly on the vehicle.

According to the manufacturer, the directional flashers direct traffic flow, help prevent traffic and personnel hazards for vehicles at emergency speeds or standing still under low-light, fog or smoke conditions. They are helpful in reducing rearend collisions, the single most common cause of accidents, especially among emergency vehicles.

The unit is 1 1/2 inches high, 4 1/2 feet long, 2 3/4 inches wide and weighs 8 pounds.

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Foam Fire Fighting Unit

The AF-100 mobile foam unit from Angus Fire Armour holds 25 gallons of any synthetic or protein foam. It incorporates 50 feet of hose, a foam nozzle, variable percentage eductor, and a fiber glass tank on wheels.

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Gas Monitor

A gas monitor, compact and light enough to be held in one hand, has been developed by BioMarine Industries. The unit, which can operate 40 hours between battery charging, detects combustible gas and warns the user by means of visual and audible alarms.

The Model 901 monitor provides an immediate reading without warmup. It can provide a remote or a local reading.

MESA (formerly U.S. Bureau of Mines) approved for intrinsic safety and accuracy, the gas monitor is housed in a leather carrying case and may be worn on a belt or over the shoulder. Total weight is 3 pounds.

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A variety of design and construction features are available on the new line of fire fighter generators from the Winco Division of Dyna Technology, Inc.

Available in 2250 to 7000 watts, the generators offer a combination of fast start, fast release for instant portability, safety stop to eliminate potential shock from spark plugs, and a new muffler to reduce muffler temperatures. Other features include engine idle when power is not required with automatic revving up to full engine speed when the load is applied. The full rated generator output is available from a 115 or 230-volt outlets or a combination of both.

The units are furnished with either Briggs & Stratton or Wisconsin four-cycle engines. Mechanical governors assure generator speed regulation within three cycles. Generators are of the rotating armature direct-drive type, drip-proof construction.

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Combustible Gas Tracer

Koehler Manufacturing Company announces the Model 300 combustible gas tracer and the Model 313 sensor extension, packaged in a handy tool kit.

The Model 300 uses a solid-state sensor powered by a 1 1/2-volt D cell that is responsive to most combustible and/or toxic gases, including butane, ethane, hydrogen, LP gas, methane, natural gas, propane, etc. It has no moving parts or filaments.

Measuring 9 X 4 X 2 1/4 inches, it can be hand-held or worn on a belt. A 3-foot remote sensing attachment is available as an option.

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All-Weather Hood

A lightweight, all-weather hood for protection from flash fires, has been introduced by Ziamatic Corporation.

Quic Hood can be used with any selfcontained breathing equipment mask and helmet manufactured in the United States. It pulls on over the face mask, covering the head and neck. Made of Nomex, its flame resistance won’t wash or dry clean out, according to the manufacturer.

The hood is available in single-ply rib knit, in bi-ply cloth (two layers of jersey knit together) and in bi-ply cloth covered by rib cloth with front and back cape for added protection. It can be carried in a bunker coat pocket by fire fighters and is machine washable.

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Telescoping Floodlight

The Tele-Lite from Churchville Fire Equipment Corp. has been designed to provide telescopic AC or DC flood or spotlighting up to 1500 watts. There is a wide range of brackets for installation on any apparatus.

Overall tube length on standard models is 5 feet with a telescopic factor of almost 4 feet. The additional foot conceals the prewired retractile cord.

Bracket castings and handles are of Tenzaloy for strength. Anodized aluminum tubes slide quietly on a nylon bushing. Castings and lamp housings are painted white with hard-coat epoxy and all screws and mounting hardware are stainless steel.

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Box Alarm Readout System

A fire box alarm readout system, which can convert mechanically generated pulse trains into more usable electronic data, is announced by North American Philips Communications Corp., Public Safety Systems Division.

Known as the Norelco BARS, it can separate a second alarm from the pulse train of the first when two alarms are generated on the same loop.

By converting mechanical to electronic signals, BARS can telemeter signals to a central station, remote locations or other types of devices. A dispatch console displaying simultaneously up to 10 alarms from all loops and a printout record of all box activity, including time of alarm, is available. Console and printer can be remotely located. All alarms are automatically verified as to box number by comparing sequential pulse trains and whether box number is valid for that loop. Alarm data is also available in computer compatible formats. Another major feature is that it provides a running status display of the alarm system.

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Radio Pager

Motorola Communications and Electronics, Inc., has added two models to its line of Pagecom PM radio pagers: a lowband model for 30 to 50 MHz and a UHF model for 470 to 512 MHz. Both are available in tone only or tone and voice reception.

The new pagers will fit into all existing standard tone-and-voice systems and most tone-only systems without having to change the base encoding equipment. Both measure 4.5 X 2.2 X 1.1 inches and weigh 7.8 ounces with batteries.

Housing is of polycarborate plastic in a pebble-grain finish. The pagers deliver a 200 mw of alert tone and 150 mw of voice output in tone-and-voice models.

Options include a push-to-listen operation, group call, and audio-only volume control. Accessories include a single and multiple unit battery charger, lapel speaker with cord, a vehicular antenna adapter cable, and a leather carrying case.

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Fire Alarm Cable

A high-temperature fire alarm cable is available from the Telecommunications Products Division of Essex International.

The cable is designed for 200°C service and comes shielded or unshielded. The manufacturer states it offers maximum reliability for fire alarm and associated systems, i.e., smoke detection, floor warden and fire command control stations, sprinkler waterflow alarms, thermostatic alarms, locked-door fail-safe release, and elevator communications and interconnections.

Available in single or multi-conductor constructions, the cable is insulated and jacketed with fluorinated ethylene propylene. It complies with the New York City Class E Fire Alarm Code of January 19, 1975, and is approved by the New York City Board of Standards and Appeals.

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High-Rise Communications

A communications system is available from Notifier Company for installation in both existing and planned high-rises.

Called the SAS Fire Fighter’s Communication System, the fully supervised unit can be installed separately or linked with a Notifier MD fire detection and alarm system to form a complete emergency control center for fire department and building personnel.

The system enables the fire chief to give evacuation or other emergency instructions to building occupants on an “all-call” or selective basis. It also permits telephone communication between the fire chief and fire fighters throughout a high-rise building.

It is provided in modular form to match a wide range of high-rise and other building requirements. Its modular design permits easy retrofitting when buildings require updating to meet code requirements.

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Air Purifiers

Deltech Engineering, Inc., announces the Del-Monox purifier for use in compressed air systems at pressures up to 5000 psig. These high-pressure purifiers meet the newest OSHA and other recognized requirements for breathing air.

The units will remove carbon monoxide, oil, oil vapor, water, oxides of nitrogen, unpleasant tastes, most odors, and solid particles from compressed breathing air. Keyed to carbon monoxide removal, an indicator changes color to warn against damage to the unit.

Two models are available: 435BV for maximum working pressures to 3000 psig and 635BV to 5000 psig.

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Turnout Clothing

Janesville Apparel Co. announces a new color for Nomex and cotton duck turnout clothing—Lion-lime, a bright yellow-green developed for high visibility.

Both 7 1/2-ounce Nomex and 100 percent cotton shells for turnout coats and bunker trousers are now available in Lion-lime.

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Arm Compress

The Cryopac Full Arm, developed by Cryomed Devices, Inc., is the company’s first cryotheraputic device for the treatment of traumatic injuries to an entire limb. It is designed to be used in conjunction with Cryopac cold compress kits.

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The Full Arm is injected with cryogen refrigerant and applies a controlled control of 36°F (±1°F) and a regulated pressure of .6 pounds per square inch within seconds. The sustained cold numbs pain, stops muscle spasm and reduces internal bleeding and swelling. The regulated pressure immobilizes and splints while further retarding any fluid buildup.

The Full Arm is angulated to give additional support to the hand, wrist and forearm. In this manner, it acts as a splint, a compression bandage and a cold treatment. Each nylon element is equipped with a nylon zipper for quick and easy application.

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Foam Truck Booster Reel

An undercab electric rewind reel for foam trucks is available from Nordic International.

The reel can handle 150 feet of 1/4-inch semi-hard, 250 psi hose and nozzle. It has a 1 1/2-inch swing joint with 2-inch inlet and 1/4-inch outlet (gooseneck). It is equipped with Buna-N or Teflon seals. The drum is reinforced for extra strength. The reel can be modified to suit individual requirements.

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Desk Set

F. D. Time Distributing Company announces an Italian marble desk set with a Maltese cross on a 1 1/2-inch gold-domed disk.

The base is 2 1/2 by 6 inches and holds two brushed gold refillable pens.

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Pocket Pager

JMD Electronics announces the Model TP tone-alerted pocket receiver which can be used with most tone systems. It remains silent until it receives the proper tones sent by the alerting base station. It will then activate and receive the message before it automatically resets itself or is reset manually.

The unit has an on-off-volume control, an internal antenna and a belt clip. It can be used with a mercury battery or with a rechargeable battery and charger.

It is designed primarily for use with fire department alerting systems that use high or low-frequency tones and can be used with short or long-time duration tones. It can be ordered in either single or dual tone and features options that allow it to respond to three different single tones or two dual tones.

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Sprinkler Valve

Milwaukee Valve Company announces that it has received Factory Mutual Research Corporation and Factory Insurance Association approval for its bronze Butterball BB-FP valve for use in fire sprinkler systems. In addition, the Butterball is UL listed.

The Butterball, a butterfly valve, replaces ball, gate and globe valves in the 1/2 to 2-inch sizes. With slight design changes, it replaces control valves (O.S. & Y. valves), globe and angle globe valves for many applications in sprinkler, standpipe and other fire protection systems.

Modifications include a tamper-proof pre-set stem torque which holds the Butterball’s disk firmly in position, and insures maximum water pressure at the sprinkler head.

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Russell Industries, Inc., is introducing two replacement antennas for VHF and UHF: the Duck-1H (150-162 MHz) and the Duck-2H (450-470 MHz).

These continuously loaded antennas fit every existing walkie-talkie and pocket scanner with a screw-in base. Adapters enclosed with each antenna permit mounting into a 5/16-inch X 32 or 1/4-inch X 32 screw base.

Individually packaged in color-coded sleeves, the antennas are vinyl-protected and can be bent at all angles without shorting.

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Gas Monitor

Dynamation, Inc. announces the Model HGM-8 portable monitoring and surveying instrument for combustible gases. It can be worn on a belt or used to pinpoint the location of low-concentration gas leaks. In all cases, over eight hours of continuous operation is afforded by rechargeable Nicad batteries. It operates continuously and automatically and does not require an aspirator for sampling.

Factory-calibrated to indicate relative percentages of the lower explosive level (LED of methane or any other combustible gas on its color-coded meter scale, it also has an internally adjustable alarm which sounds if the gas concentration exceeds 20 percent LEL of methane.

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A 160-amp alternator is now available from the Leece Neville Division of ShellerGlobe Corporation. The 2800JB is the highest rated unit of the 12-volt alternators in the 2300JB Series, which also includes units rated at 65, 85, 105 and 130 amps. It provides the high amperage demanded by emergency vehicles, such as ambulances.

The alternator was designed for ease of maintenance. All major components can be checked on the vehicle. Regulator, brushes and diode trio are replaceable without disassembling the alternator and in some cases can be replaced without removing the alternator. A built-in potentiometer enables external stepless voltage adjustment of the regulator over a wide range.

The unit is interchangeable with the other four 12-volt models in the 2300JB Series, all of which use the same mounting bracket, pulley, belts, adjusting arm, mounting arm, mounting hardware and wiring.

It is available for positive or negative ground systems and in either clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.

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Fire Alarm System

A fire signaling system, engineered to meet municipal code requirements for high-rise office buildings, has been introduced by ADT.

Designed for installation in existing or new buildings, the system provides swift fire detection by strategically situated sensors that react to products of Combustion, smoke or temperature increases. It also responds to manual alarm boxes and activation of a sprinkler system. The system provides voice and tone-signal public address communications for evacuation of occupants; two-way telephone system for communication between upper floors and the ground floor command console; automatic interfaces with heating, ventilating and air-handling equipment for shutdown of fans and related equipment; automatic interfacing with electrically actuated door locks; and emergency control of elevators.

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The system also may be engineered for automatic or manual signaling to the local fire department, an ADT central station, or both. Where local codes dictate, or when optimum fire security is sought, the system can monitor the building’s sprinkler system.

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AFFF Concentrate Control

Light Water aqueous film-forming foam concentrate is metered into automatic sprinklers and other fire protection apparatus by a new concentrate control system introduced by 3M Company’s Fire Protection Systems Department.

The supply/metering system and AFFF concentrate are intended to provide primary fire protection against Class B fires.

The CCS meters AFFF in 3 percent concentration into primary and branch pipes feeding sprinklers and spray nozzles, automatic or manual monitors and subsurface injection devices in storage tanks. Metering is accurate over a delivery range of from 70 to 2000 gpm.

The CCS consists of a pressure tank (available in five vertical and four horizontal sizes, 200 to 1500 gallons), with a collapsible, elastomeric diaphragm, concentrate controller, control valves, integral piping and a charge of Light Water 3 percent concentrate.

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Flush-Mount Vehicle Lights

The Mars 888 is available from Mars Signal Light Company in a flush-mount model with a 2-inch chrome flange for easy installation in an existing or new aperture— for both new equipment and vehicles already in use. It also comes with a buffed aluminum base for roof or hood mounting.

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It is a forward-facing light with a repeating pattern that clears oncoming and intersecting traffic. The rapidly moving light is highly visible, yet will not blind drivers.

Available with red, blue or clear lens, the unit is 8 3/4 inches high, 11 inches long, 7 inches in diameter, weighs 9 pounds and requires 12 volts.

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Hand-Held Two-Way Radio

A Hi-Power PE Series of multi-channel, hand-held two-way radios has been announced by the General Electric Mobile Radio Department.

The equipment has triple the power previously available in GE UHF PE models and double the power in high band. UHF models in the small PE Series now will be available in units up to 4 watts. Highband equipment is specified at 5 watts.

The new equipment is 40 percent smaller and lighter than GE’s earlier 3 to 5-watt equipment. It has a 700 milliampere/hour rechargeable battery pack 40 percent more powerful than earlier 500 milliampere designs.

In combination with a new vehicular charger package, the Hi-Power PE Series models become dash-mounted mobile units. The hand-held radio slides into the charger and may be removed instantly for out-of-car use.

Units may be equipped with one to eight-channel capacity. The basic PE is designed for two frequencies. Extended packages are configured for five and eight channels.

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Safety Harness

The Atlas Safety Equipment Company’s nylon harness chest waist is designed to give greater protection in the event of a fall. It distributes the force of an impact between the chest and waist. Injuries from abrupt halting of falls are minimized.

The harness is designed to maintain the inert body of an accident victim in a perpendicular position for rapid hauling to safety, even through small openings.

Features include 1 3/4-inch-wide nylon web, 8700-pound test, resin or latex-treated to resist abrasion. A drop-forged steel ring on the back of the harness secures to the lifeline. Slide buckles on the shoulder straps are adjustable to the wearer.

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Fairfield Medical Products Corporation has added a cardioscope, No. 310-120, to its line of emergency medical equipment.

The new scope features a non-fade memory display on which the patient’s ECG signal can be frozen for up to 10 seconds, after which real time display will automatically resume. The unit also has a subcarrier modulated output for telemetry and telephone transmission of the ECG.

It is a portable, single-channel, all-purpose unit operated by either rechargeable batteries or 12-volt vehicle current. Its 3 X 4-inch screen provides easy and direct readings.

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The Hale Fire Pump Company will introduce a line of 110-volt, AC, portable generators for the fire service at the International Association of Fire Chiefs conference in Las Vegas. The gasoline-powered units are available in three sizes, 1500, 2000 and 3000 watts. All use a permanent magnet alternator without brushes or slip rings.

The new line offers the advantages of compact size and low weight. It also is impervious to moisture and water.

Instead of mounting the magnets permanently and spinning the coils between them, the coils are stationary and the magnets spin. This reversal of conventionalprocedure means that electrical power flows directly from the stationary coils to the receptacle. According to the manufacturer, there are no problems of arcing or sparking, and there should be practically no need for repairs or adjustments.

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Fireman’s Plaque

The award-winning tribute to the men of the fire service, “What Is a Fireman?” is available in a laminated plaque from Reeves Advertising, Inc., 79 Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10016.

Trimmed in gold and laminated on a simulated 1/2-inch-thick walnut background, the plaque measures 9 by 12 inches. With a combination easel-hanger back, it can stand on a desk or table or be hung in an office, den or trophy room.

The price is $5.95 plus $1.00 for handling and mailing. Quantity discounts are available and all plaques are sent with an unconditional money-back guarantee. Dealer inquiries are invited.

New Products


New Products

Cut-Off Machine

The Black and Decker Manufacturing Company announces the Model 3912 electric 12-inch cut-off machine, designed for cutting ferrous metals and masonry.

The unit’s blade rotation directs sparks away from the user and prevents “climbing” in the cut. This feature, along with a 210-degree guard designed for spark containment are added safety features. It complies with appropriate OSHA regulations and is listed by Underwriters’ Laboratories.

The guard-mounted handle contains a hand-tightened adjustment knob that allows easy repositioning of the guard to facilitate vertical or horizontal cutting.

Standard equipment includes a slotted, dual-purpose wrench for removing abrasive disks and adjusting the shoe. Optional equipment includes a metal storage box with extra room for additional blades. The company also offers a line of ferrous and masonry abrasive blades for the new model.

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Flashlight System

A rechargeable flashlight system has been developed by Ziamatic Corp. Called Quick Hy-Lyte, the system assures emergency light at all times regardless of frequency of use.

The Quic Hy-Lyte has three D-size rechargeable batteries. It fits into a charger clip. For in-house installation, the charger clip mounts on a wall and plugs into a 115volt outlet.

The system also comes in a model suitable for vehicular installation and has a dual charge rate circuit, which allows a trickle charge with the ignition off and a stronger charge with the ignition on. This model requires a 12-volt negative ground electrical system (positive ground is available upon request). Flashlights on both models are interchangeable.

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Quick Hydrant Connection

A quick hydrant connection system for hooking up soft suction hose to steamer outlets is offered by Hydra-Lok, Inc. The system consists of two parts. One is screwed to the steamer nozzle with a strap wrench and the other is coupled to the hydrant end of the soft suction hose. The connecting faces of these two parts are threadless and when the two are mated, two levers on the hose unit are moved to maintain a secure coupling.

Shutters on the hydrant unit open with water pressure to allow full flow and remain shut when the hydrant is not in use to prevent the insertion of foreign objects. The manufacturer points out that this system does away with such problems as frozen or missing caps, missing chains and cross-threading. Because the shutters close against reverse water flow, the manufacturer states, water hammer in the hydrant and mains is prevented.

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False Alarm Kit

A criminology detection kit which has been recently developed may be used for the apprehension of persons sounding false fire alarms. The J-1000 from Ultra-Violet Products, Inc., is a lightweight briefcase kit containing a battery-operated, long-wave ultraviolet lamp, batteries, pastes and powders.

Pastes and powders applied to the trigger and inside of fire alarm boxes will transfer to the hands and clothing of the person sounding the alarm. Since the material is invisible to the naked eye and the subject generally stays in the area when fire and police units arrive, the ML-49 BLAK-RAY lamp can be used to disclose traces of powder on his hands, clothing or hair.

An additional feature of the J-1000 kit is its ability to help in disclosing arson and explosions relating to arson, as some combustible materials, including dynamite wrappings and kerosine, fluoresce under the lamp.

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Communications Organizer

Acme Specialty Mfg. Co. has developed an eight-unit, twin-tier communications organizer for fire fighting vehicles, ambulances and other vehicles using electronic communications equipment.

The unit assembles from two to eight units of communications equipment at the fingertips of the vehicle operator. Equipment which can be mounted on the TTACO includes all makes and models of two-way radio transmitters, radio speakers, amplifiers, receivers, sirens, radar receivers, etc. Equipment brackets adjust in both length and width.

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Electronic Writer

The Electrowriter from Victor Graphic Systems transmits handwritten messages of alarm locations to the appropriate fire substations. Messages are reproduced instantly at receiving stations exactly as they are written. The substation acknowledges that the message has been received by means of a signal on the receiver.

Accurate circuit supervision at dispatcher console identifies any circuit on power failure between headquarters and substations and identifies specific point of failure.

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Backboard Straps

R & D Products announces the UniTorso strap for use with spineboards and backboards.

The straps, which were designed by emergency medical technicians, use Velcro fasteners. They are made of nylon and are washable.

Each set contains two shoulder straps with rings, two connecting straps and a wrist restraint.

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Slide Program

Fire departments and rescue squads must learn to identify hazardous materials both in transit and in storage, so that an incident can be handled in the safest possible manner. Fire Rescue Consultants has developed a 52-slide program entitled “Identification of Hazardous Materials.”

The slides show all of the labels used for identification as well as the corresponding truck and train placards. In addition, locations where hazardous materials can be encountered and sources of information for the officer in handling the incident are discussed. Accompanying the slides is an 18page lesson plan with a complete text keyed to the slides. As prepared, the program is designed for a three-hour class.

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The Servus Rubber Company is introducing an improved boot for fire fighters. Tested and approved by the New York City Fire Department (NYFD Spec. B-2), these boots will soon be on line in that city.

The boots’ feature extra-heavy rubber patches to protect knees against burns while crawling and extra tough black soles and heels. In addition, all standard Servus safety and comfort features are built in: Duraheel heel protection, steel toe, cellular foam insulation, cork cushion insole, flexible stainless steel midsole and reinforced steel ladder shank.

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Communications Facility

Montgomery, Ala., has awarded a $185,000 contract to the Statustronics Corporation to design, engineer and manufacture a communications facility, including consoles, radio remotes, electronic communication and control components. It will have a computerized alarm reporting and dispatch system.

The old alarm office was’renovated at a cost of $125,000.

The computer system consists of a digital central processing unit, disk drive, color CRT displays and printers. A keyboard is furnished for data retrieval and operator transmission instructions. Programmed into the computer memory is the address of each residential and commercial structure in Montgomery. Assigned to each location is pertinent fire fighting information, including nearest intersection map grid coordinates, presence of invalids, storage of hazardous materials, location and flow’ of the nearest hydrant, best route, and any other additional preprogrammed firematic data, that will assist fire fighters responding to the emergency situation.

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Shoulder Pads

Globe Manufacturing has added detachable shoulder pads to its line of fire suit accessories.

The seven-layer pads are lightweight (1.2 ounces each), unbreakable, flame-retardant, and were designed to reduce shoulder fatigue and injuries. Constructed of Nomex aramid, the pads are invisible under the outer coat shell and are secured with Velcro brand hook and loop fasteners for ease of adjustment and removal for cleaning. The pads meet or exceed National Bureau of Standards and National Fire Protection Association recommended standards.

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Cot Bedding

Because of the difficulty in obtaining pastel color material, Ferno-Washington Inc. has announced that henceforth cot bedding will be available in white permanent press type fabric only.

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