New Pumper Makes Good Showing at Astoria

New Pumper Makes Good Showing at Astoria

The fire department of Astoria. Ore., has just placed in service a new 1.000-gallon Stutz pumper, which, upon

delivery successfully passed the Underwriters’ and other acceptance tests. Local officials and visiting chiefs who witnessed the tryouts were much impressed with the showing.

New 1,000-Gal. Pumper for Astoria

A peculiar accident resulted in the calling out of Hook and Ladder Company No. 40 of the New York fire department. A nine year old youth finding the cap off one of the hydrant connections thrust his arm into the aperture as far as it would go. When he tried to pull the member out he found that it was held fast. His cries brought a patrolman and he also gave up after several attempts to remove the youngster’s arm and then called the hook and ladder company. The firemen were compelled to open the hydrant in order to release the imprisoned arm, which was not injured in any way.

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