New Pumpers for Kuwait

New Pumpers for Kuwait

New triple-combination pumpers for Kuwait Fire Brigade are loaded on ship at Los Angeles Harbor. Lettering on sides of cab is in English and Arabic

Photo by Warm Bowen

Four triple-combination pumpers are on their way by ship from Los Angeles Harbor to the oil sheikdom of Kuwait in the Persian Gulf area.

The apparatus were ordered two years ago by Chief Ali Abdul Razzeh Saleh of the Kuwait Fire Brigade and Ambulance Corps while on an extended training visit to Los Angeles.

The pumpers, the first exported by the Crown Corp., are built close to specifications of the Los Angeles County Fire Department. That department tested the equipment and accepted delivery for Chief Saleh who flew to Los Angeles

to personally supervise loading of the big rigs. They have 600-gallon stainless steel tanks, 332 hp engines, power steering, air brakes, all fittings and connections of bronze or copper, two hose reels with 150 feet of 3/4-inch high pressure hose, 1,500-gpm pump, 80 feet of suction hose, 1,800 feet of 2 1/2-inch hose and 600 feet of 1 1/2-inch.

When Chief Saleh was on the Coast he trained with both the Los Angeles City and County Fire Departments under supervision of the Fire Administration Training Program of the University of Southern California.

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