(From a special correspondent.)

The test of the new Worthington pumping engines was made January 2, and the results showed sufficiently that each engine is easily able to perform the work contracted for. It further showed that Jacksonville is now as well equipped for fire protection as any city in the country, and that it has a sufficient supply of water in reserve, and available to fight any fire that is likely, to occur, excepting, under circumstances, such as never have been known in the city.

The test was in the nature of a “fire test,”viz: The pump was run to its safe working capacity, and not to its extreme power, and as it is the exact duplicate of the one that was tested some days before, and as the results gained were practical, it is now clear that the water works equipment of Jacksonville is ample for the growth of the city to double its present size. The amount of water pumped during the time of the tests was about 200,000 gallons, or the rate of 3,600 gallons per minute. The steam pressure averaged 128 pounds to the square inch during the time. A water pressure of 105 pounds was secured at the engine,with an average of forty-three strokes each minute. Working at this rate for twenty-four hours consecutively, the capacity of the pump would be 5,184,000 gallons. The amount of water available from storage and from the wells directly as at present arranged would keep the pump working at the same rate as in the recent test for eight consecutive hours. It will thus be seen that the present capacity of the wells and storage reservoirs and of the pumps to handle it are equal to any emergency that is likely to arise, and the further storage capacity which is contempated by the city will increase the supply to about three times its present amount.

Fire Chief Thomas W. Haney, as well as Thomas R. Polglase, representing the Fire Extinguisher Manufacturing Company, and C. S. Holloway, the representative of the Washington Company, who was superintending the test, expressed themselves as highly pleased and entirely satisfied with the results that had been obtained. “ So—Jacksonville marches proudly on to more triumphs.”

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