New Pumps for Cleveland.

New Pumps for Cleveland.

City health and waterworks officials of Cleveland, Ohio, are planning an early study of water purity and installation of additional pumping engines. Superintendent Smith, of the waterworks department has recommended to Mayor Baehr and Public Service Director Lea that two new pumps of 25,000,000 gallons capacity each be purchased for the Kirtland pumping station on the East Side.

“We have reached the point where something should be done at once,” said Superintendent Smith, recently. “There were times this summer when the pumps had to be forced and every bit of machinery we had was pressed into service. Suppose one of our 25,000,000-gallon pumps had given out. We did not have a bit of reserve machinery. One-fourth of the water supply would have been cut off. We would have had to issue orders for the strictest economy and could have allowed the use of water for actual necessities only. At the Kirtland pumping station we now have two 25,000,000-gallon pumps and three 15,000,000-gallon pumps. Buffalo is now installing an equipment that will enable it to furnish 400,000,000 gallons of water daily, if necessary. We cannot wait for the completion of the West Side tunnel. The actual work on this improvement cannot be started before next year and if all goes well it will not be in service before 1913. Our experience this summer has shown that we must have a reserve equipment before that time.”

if Superintendent Smith’s recommendation is followed, an ordinance will be passed in a few weeks authorizing the issue of $275,000 bonds for the purchase of the two 25,000,000-gallon pumps. The Kirtland pumping station is large enough to hold the two additional engines and no building changes will be necessary.

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