New Stations for Los Angeles County

New Stations for Los Angeles County

Additional fire protection for Los Angeles County, California, is indicated by the recent announcement that the George W. Carter Company will construct several new fire stations in unincorporated areas just outside the Los Angeles city limits.

Spence D. Turner, Chief Engineer of the Los Angeles County Fire Department, in announcing the transaction, said that the Carter Company has already started construction of two stations in the El Monte area, and is ready to start a third near El Segundo Boulevard and Western Avenue. Other stations are planned at various locations throughout the County.

Financing and construction will be handled by the Carter Company, con tractors and developers. The County has arranged for ten-year leases on each of the structures. At the conclusion of the lease period, the County will automatically obtain title to them without any additional outlay of cash.

This method of financing, Chief Turner points out, makes possible badly needed stations at least five years before enough tax money could have been accumulated for them. It also will mean an early reduction of fire insurance rates in the areas where protection is being improved.

Each fire station will be one story in height and contain an apparatus room, work room, sleeping quarters, kitchen, dining area and recreation room. Of contemporary design, each will be of frame and stucco construction. Front elevations will have vertical redwood siding and brick planting boxes.

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