New Technology Trends Catch Fire in the Detection Market

The fire detection industry finally awakens with the onset of laser-based aspirating smoke detectors and multi-sensors. According to a recent study published by IMS Research (recently acquired by IHS Inc. (NYSE:IHS)), both technologies are forecast to see the fastest growth globally with compound-annual growth rates (CAGRs) of 9 percent and 7.3 percent respectively from 2011 to 2016.

“We are seeing an era of modernization in the industry,” says Adi Pavlovic, IMS Research analyst and report author. “Not only are manufacturers looking to make fire detection products more reliable, but economical as well.”

Worth an estimated $239.5 million in 2011, multi-sensor detectors were the world’s second largest detector market. Multi-sensor detectors combine several technologies into a single product to increase efficiency while lowering installation costs. While an overwhelming majority of the multi-sensor market is a combination of optical and heat detection, a trend to combine three, four or even five detection technologies is increasing in popularity.

Strong construction growth in niche industries such as data centers, utilities, and offshore facilities support the development of more advanced detection products due to the difficult environment these applications present for detection. Aspirating smoke detectors have a strong reputation in these industries and are expected to mimic the growth profile of the telecommunications industry, while expanding into more industrial applications over time.

That being said, the detector market will continue to be dominated by optical detectors which were estimated to account for almost half of the world’s fire detector market in 2011. “The efficiency and low cost of optical detectors make them the ideal product for a simple solution,” adds Pavlovic. “However, it is crucial for manufacturers’ product development to stay up to speed with the increasing demand for more advanced detection technologies.”


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