New Tower Designed as Fire Escape

New Tower Designed as Fire Escape

An apparatus is being developed by James A. Anania, of Harrison, N. J., that will serve as an aerial tower and a fire escape. According to patent claims it will do away with special water towers and a great deal of manpower.

By a system of shifts and gears, two great steel tubes are raised to a height over two hundred feet. Sliding between the tubes or hollow cylinders will be a wide platform just like an elevator with the top off, and on this, inventor claims, a dozen humans and bulky possessions can be lowered to safety. Moreover, at the same time that the platform is being raised or lowered, the tubes can be used to eject a stream of sand or water on the blaze to protect the rescuers and rescued.

Mr. Anania will build a full size truck according to this design and will tour the country with it.


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