New Truck Carries Own Water Supply

New Truck Carries Own Water Supply

The Town of Woodbridge, Conn., in common with many other rural and suburban communities, has a problem in regard to water supplies sufficient for fire fighting. There are many places from which water can be drafted, but frequently these sources are a considerable distance from the fire, and time is lost laying a long stretch of hose. Since this town covers an area of nearly twenty square miles, there are a few spots, unfortunately, where the only available water is from small wells, which are soon exhausted by a fire pumper.

Chief George Knowlton, of the Woodbridge Fire Department, had long seen the need of some fairly large, quickly available supply of water to have on hand for any fire in any part of town. He had in mind an apparatus which would carry a sufficient amount of water to hold a bad fire while a long lay of hose was made to a distant supply, or to handle, entirely unaided, a fire which had not too great a start.

Chief Knowlton was aided in the preliminary design of this apparatus by Newton Borgenson and Edward Miner of the Woodbridge F. D. Based on the ideas of these three men, The Sealand Corporation of Bridgeport, Conn., designed and built an apparatus, on a fiveton Federal Chassis, carrying over 1,000 gallons of water in a low rectanglar tank.

On top of this tank is a hose rack holding 1,000 feet of l 1/2-inch hose, while a booster reel is placed back of the cab, to hold 200 feet of chemical hose. Ladders, a twenty-eight-foot extension and a sixteen-foot roof, are carried overhead in a ladder trough. The pump, a 300 gpm centrifugal, is rigged so that not only can the tank be used as a supply, but independent suction connections make available any convenient supply of water for drafting. Sixty feet of Scinch hard suction hose are carried in compartments on either side of the tank, inside the outer wall of the body.

500-Gallon Quadruple Combination for Undercliffe, Pa. The Buffalo Fire Appliance Corporation has delivered a 500-gallon quadruple combination to Undercliffe, Shaller Township, Pa. The pumper carries a 500-gallon, two-stage, centrifugal pump, a 150-gallon booster tank. 1,000 feet of hose, and three banks of ladder.

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