New Type Examination for Firemen

New Type Examination for Firemen

Something different in examination for firemen, was tried out by the Municipal Civil Service Commission of New York City when 16,000 applicants took an examination for the rank of fireman.

A number of sheets with various geometric designs are illustrated. Each sheet is numbered with an item number. Underneath the item number is a figure. The applicant is supposed to mark two of the figures on that sheet which when put together will approximate the shape of the original figure. As for example, two semi-circles when put together will approximate the circle of Sample IV.

This May Not Be Fighting Fires, but It Is a Question Asked in a Recent Examination for New York Firemen

One of the Questions

Here is another of the questions asked:

“At 2 o’clock in the morning Mrs. Smart awakened her nusband and said the house was on nre. Mr. Smart dressed hurriedly, ran seventeen blocks past five fire alarm boxes to tne fire station and told the firemen that his house was on fire. When Mr. Smart and the firemen had returned, the house had burned down.

“This was an illustration of the (a) need for a plentiful supply of fire alarm boxes; (b) fact that fire is no respecter of persons; (c) necessity of preventing fires; (d) desirability of educating the public; (e) need for more fire stations.”

Tests Knowledge of Government

The applicants’ knowledge of government and public affairs was tested in the following questions:

“The N. L. R. B. deals mainly with problems relating to (a) naturalization, (b) railroad rates, (c) boards of taxes and assessments, (d) housing, (e) labor.”

“The Supreme Court member who recently resigned is (a) Hughes, (b) Vandevanter, (c) Roberts, (d) Cardozo, (e) Sutherland.”

“It is least characteristic of the large, modern corporation that (a) ownership is divorced from control, (b) liability of stockholders is limited, (c) it derives its powers from the state, (d) it is free from taxation, (e) the use of proxies is almost universal.”

The following question was to test the applicants’ use of common sense in an emergency:

“Of the following the best action to take when small amounts of water have collected on a floor after a fire is to (a) use a vacuum cleaner, (b) sprinkle with sawdust, (c) apply heat, (d) cover with asbestos, (e) use a hand fire extinguisher.”

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