New Vetter S. Tec Rescue Bags

Available in 15 sizes, Vetter S. Tec rescue bags lift up to 94 Tons
Shelby, N.C.The next generation of high-pressure lifting bags, the new Vetter S. Tec 145 psi rescue bags deliver 25 percent more power than conventional 116 psi rescue bags and lift up to 94 tons. 

“The new Vetter S. Tec rescue bags change what’s possible at a rescue site,” said Bruce Johnston, director of marketing and product management for Hurst Jaws of Life. “Vetter S. Tec rescue bags are powerful, feature a new interlocking surface to aid in stacking and prevent slipping, and have a slim profile to fit in tight spots – all key components in a rescue situation.”

Vetter S. Tec rescue bags are utilized for the lifting and elevation of thin-walled components, recovery of rolled vehicles, and rescue of trapped victims. Constructed of rubber with aramid reinforcement, Vetter S. Tec rescue bags are available in 15 sizes from 5 inches by 5.5 inches to 37 inches by 37 inches – all less than 1 inch tall. Their slim profile requires less storage space on the truck, allowing rescuers to carry additional rescue bags and supplies.
Vetter S. Tec rescue bags feature reflective center and corner markings for nighttime use. Their interlocking surface is designed to prevent slipping and allows the rescuer to stack two bags in order to enlarge the maximum lifting height. 

The Vetter S. Tec series comes equipped with anti-static and self-extinguishing features and are fitted with controllers and inflation hoses which correspond to the pressure stage of the bag. 

The rescue bags also feature a rounded edge profile to enable easier insertion under the load. Vetter S. Tec 94 ton rescue bags expand to a maximum lifting height of 20.5 inches.

In order to simplify the change from traditional 116 psi rescue bags to new 145 psi S. Tec rescue bags, Vetter offers a 116 psi to 145 psi adapter with every order. This will enable rescuers to use the 116 psi rescue bag accessories until a final system change is completed.  

About Hurst Jaws of Life

Hurst Jaws of Life is a division of Hale Products Inc. Hale Products Inc. is a world leading provider of emergency service products in applications such as defense, rescue, firefighting and industry, and is one of the largest manufacturers of products to the emergency services worldwide. Hale Products Inc. is a unit of IDEX Corporation, an applied solutions company. 

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